Law of Attraction

Unfortunately, facebook doesn’t have an emoji for feeling like a billion bucks! I am perfecting the law of attraction and making expectations manifest in my present existence. I know this sounds like a great science fiction flick if you are

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Passion Up

What is your passion in this lifetime? Is there an activity that gives you a case of butterflies or a shot of adrenaline in preparation? Mine was fly fishing. Every aspect of it filled me with limitless enjoyment even the

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Expectations Manifest

Shakespeare said “Expectation is the root of all heartache.” He had half of the equation correct. The grandest of expectations manifest as easily as gloom and doom. We are not taught this so it’s objectionable to what we think we

There Is Nothing To Fear

I recall being filled with fear as a young child. My boogie man was the unknown. Around puberty I realized fear was limiting experiences. After sticking my toe in the water I soon morphed into an adrenaline junkie. It was

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Make It Happen

I was extraordinarily fortunate to have had a father that made things happen rather than talk about what he was going to do. I didn’t know there was any other way fortunately. It was not until after college that I

A Willing Mind

Words+ is progressing towards hanging an OPEN shingle. It is extraordinary to have productive days accomplishing tasks that will benefit many again. The owner of Words+ desires to structure an employee owned company hiring individuals with significant disabilities whenever possible.

What is Holding You Back?

Do you know someone that always talks a grand plan, but never makes progress and often their goals change as often as men in command of the remote control? One of our daughters was seeing a young man with a

Ball and Chain

No one gives a second thought to communicating with anyone at any time in the world of smart phone technology today. This trend began over a quarter century ago; it was an ill-fitting shoe personally. Before retiring from Domino’s Pizza

Getting the Proper Perspective

We celebrated Labor Day with a fried chicken picnic on the back porch then we did a little family target shooting. I had purchased a box of sub sonic 22 cartridges and was anxious to see their performance. If your

Clemson Wins!

I watched my beloved Bulldogs fall to an evenly matched opponent Saturday night. As the clock began to wind down in the fourth quarter so faded my hopes for another national championship in my lifetime. In younger days this loss