A Camouflage Jacket

It is a personal challenge to find the best bargains. The internet has made this obsession exponentially worse. Shopping for loved ones no price is too high, but I will not pass up a sale. Last Christmas the boys and Carey had already caught the deer hunting fever in the fall, but needed better camouflage clothing. You hunters know this can quickly get expensive decking out in the appropriate attire. Late season sitting still in a stand a warm jacket is a must even in Georgia. A warm camo jacket in any hunting catalog start at $125. Times 3, that was not in the Christmas budget. My blood hound searching skills sniffed out a close out special costing $26 and of course I found a free shipping promo code. Yes, I’m so tight I can make a Buffalo nickel fart.

camo jacketThe insulated hooded jacket in Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity, you know you’re a redneck when you can picture that camo pattern, looks like it would have a price tag of $150+. We own three. With Gavin off to college we need another gun in the woods to help fill the freezer. I have not hunted in a few years, but as a quadriplegic I have taken several deer, turkey and a bobcat most with a crossbow. I will be in the woods this year with a 12 gauge slug gun.  My spaghetti arms need a warmer jacket. Now we own four blue light specials.

Since the county shut down our wedding venue money has been tight with the caregiver addition to the list of monthly expenses. I have been busier than a one arm wallpaper hanger trying to generate income and think of ways to reduce my needs on Carey. It’s too much for one healthy person, impossible for someone trying to heal from debilitating pain. Kelley has been an Angel helping in the mornings, but to make a significant difference in Carey’s emotional and physical health it has to be more. Trying to figure out how to make this a reality has consumed nearly every moment of a day.

Monday afternoon the pot boiled over for Carey just totally exhausted and overwhelmed from the stagnant situation. Do not judge my wife until walking in her shoes. She only stated facts in her rightly deserved venting, but knowing you are the cause of the anguish of the person you love most in the world totally deflated me. I knew dying would solve the problem at hand since succeeding at nothing after the county closed our money press. I know successive days in bed will cause pneumonia and that will take me out. I committed to my unspoken decision and eliminated distractions. Tuesday afternoon that damn camo jacket I ordered arrived and got me thinking how excited the family was about me hunting again.

Not long after Rickie opened the package and modeled the jacket, which hung down to his knees, my beautiful bride stood beside the bed with tears streaming down her face and playing Van Morrison’s Someone Like You on her phone. She knew. Lying down to die goes against every fiber in my being. I will find a way. Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

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  1. Ali says:

    Wow! I am so glad, Dad. I love y’all (notice I said y’all) so much!
    Love, Ali

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