A Day at a Time

Unfortunately there aren’t refs around to pause the game and call an unsportsman like penalty when life piles on. Sometimes the harder we try the harder it rains. Truly unfair.

The full furry of hell cannot be worse than the decline into paralysis as a result of ALS. Every aspect of your life comes crashing down. Too quickly a cherished life becomes a memory. When learning of the newly diagnosed I become nauseated. Sadness consumes me having traveled the trek ahead of them. It can shake pillars of faith. I often questioned where are you God???

When in the fight and coming up on the short end of the stick it’s damn near impossible to gain proper perspective and maintain optimism. It is extraordinarily easy to condemn the future and any assisting hands with negative thoughts. Life sucks then you die. Been there?

A few undeniable truths I attempt to keep in the forefront of my thoughts when life is getting the best of me: The darkest hour is just before dawn. Nothing last forever and this too shall pass. Most comforting for me is the knowledge there is a solution or resolution for every situation. Problem solving commands the expenditure of effort. When deep into the rounds and getting pummeled calling on depleted reserves seems like an exercise in futility. Have faith in your endurance and capabilities. Discovering your limits then extending boundaries is an exhilarating self-assuring experience.

Time horizons are critical when overcoming tough times. When it really hits the fan suddenly our vision is infinite and certain the issues at hand are unending. Scale way back, come on a little more, that’s it 24 hours. Setting a goal for a day is reasonable more important achievable. Shorten the time span if necessary. Prior to going on the ventilator I had foolishly postponed too long, getting through the night and seeing the sunrise was my goal and prayer.

Tough times mold tough individuals. Maintain the confidence you can accomplish anything you decide and live a day at a time. They will be raising your arm when the bell rings! Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

2 comments on “A Day at a Time
  1. careysue says:

    I love this from your post…"Discovering your limits then extending boundaries is an exhilarating self-assuring experience". I've never looked at it that way! I could go on and on with quotes from this post, so inspiring and motivating, again thank you David Jayne!

  2. hopeyj says:

    Hi, David. I just lost a friend to ALS and I am grateful for your heroism in fighting for the rights of the disabled and the example you set of fortitude in the face of hardship. You do a huge amount of good and are an example to us all.

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