A New Day

SONY DSCWith Carey finally receiving an accurate diagnosis I failed to lower my guard and celebrate her condition is not terminal that understandably hurt her feelings. I could blame it on the fact I immediately poured all of my concentration into her challenging recovery, but the truth was after so many false diagnosis’s I was afraid to believe the best thing that will ever happen to me was sticking around. We have been given a new day! I am sorry Carey.

Not an excuse, but after nearly three years of watching Carey’s health spiral out of control, a cancer diagnosis and the neurologist at Mayo giving her a year to live I kept my head buried in the sand failing to see the dawn of a new day. So often we can walk around with our eyes wide open and still not see the good surrounding us for clinging onto fear, anger and resentment.

I wasted over twenty years trying not to be a burden to a selfish family. That precious time can never be recovered. Now I am at a point in life that even if I was perfectly healthy I could not expect to live longer than the time I wasted trying to minimally exist. Do not waste a second.

This is going to be a brief post because we were up until five with a child in the emergency room with chest pains. Fortunately, nothing physically obvious with the heart, but will follow up with a pediatric cardiologist.

It is never too late to change and experience a new day. If you’re bitter and have a hardened heart those walls can come down. If you’re lazy get off your butt and make yourself do what you do not want to do; you will enjoy the benefits of accomplishment and feel better about your self worth. If you’re selfish force yourself to put others first; in time it will become habit and you will experience the rewards of giving. If fear paralyzes you challenge yourself to expand your comfort zone a little each day, don’t let time escape and be burdened with the regret of never trying. If your life is controlled by addiction reach out for help a new day awaits.

We are going to get some shut eye. Have a great day! dj

10 comments on “A New Day
  1. AJ Podboy says:

    I didn’t know Mayo mis-diagnosed…there are always so many opinions, it seems. Understandable how difficult that must be. As a historian it’s fun to know the past, but challenging not to dwell in it…you’re right…what we have is now. The challenge is to embrace it & focus on what we can effect.
    She’ll forgive you…
    I don’t know I will ever sort it out, but having friends like you, helps. Thanks for sharing.

  2. lu clark says:

    As always …you inspire me to be a better person..love ya buddy and continue to keep yall in my prayers!!

  3. Gina says:

    Or it might be that you are too busy posting about yourself and trying to figure out ways to collect money that can now be “tax exempt”. Maybe you should take your own advise and stop being so bitter! Your posts always seem to publicly defend Carey but maybe that’s not how you behave behind closed doors. Kudos to whoever asked Carey’s mother about money and the barn and to the friend that suggested downsizing. Blogging about family/friend movie night on a 10′ TV screen in a new barn and asking for money in the next column seems a bit ridiculous. I bet Carey’s kids would be just as happy watching TV on a 48″ TV in their home rather than being humiliated by their step-father begging for money on the internet. By the way, what was Carey’s diagnosis?

    • David Jayne says:

      Thanks for reading Gina! I make more mistakes than Carter has liver pills, but what you see here is what I am all of the time. Have a great day! dj

    • Carey says:

      Gina, who are you to read my husbands blog and assume you know what you’re talking about!? I wonder why you’re so angry; if you don’t like something don’t read it!

    • Chelseaaa says:

      Yeah, I’m sooooo humiliated. Definitely why I post his blog on my facebook and brag about my parents. Gosh Dad, quit embarrassing us.

  4. Kelley (with 2 E's) says:

    What a wonderful post David!! I am so blessed to be around you and Carey on a daily basis and see first hand how you guys REALLY live and I must say it is EXACLY how you are on all of your post. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET, David is NOT a fake or a beggar. Gina, I am so sorry that you are stuck in such a miserable and negative life. I wish you could be as blessed as I have been to actually get to know David and Carey and share their daily life. Its so sad to realize that their are people like you in the world that want to judge and persecute people that you obviously don’t know. You defiantly should not donate to David’s cause. Instead you should save your money and buy yourself a life! It sure sounds like you need one. But I’ll pray for you girl and sure hope you get better. Keep reading David’s post and maybe you can absorb some positive into your life from a man that has had so much negative in his but still finds happiness and smiles. Keep the post coming David it sounds like their are LOTS of people that need to read them!!!

    • David Jayne says:

      Kelly……. just kidding. Kelley, thank you so much! You have saved Carey’s life and you’re such a joy for both of us.

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