A Willing Mind

Words+ is progressing towards hanging an OPEN shingle. It is extraordinary to have productive days accomplishing tasks that will benefit many again. The owner of Words+ desires to structure an employee owned company hiring individuals with significant disabilities whenever possible. My first assignment has been researching Social Security Disability Income regs.

By an incredible coincidence I know the Associate Commissioner for Social Security Employment Support Programs. I realized I knew the horse’s mouth Tuesday evening. In the infancy of my effort to amend the Medicare homebound restriction twelve years ago I received an email from Bob Williams, an advocate for the disabled and professional lobbyist. Bob was the exact person we needed on Capital Hill to get legislation introduced. I am hoping Bob is the go to guy again, because the information he provided is discouraging.

Regarding disability, our antiquated federal government maintains a black and white perspective, either you’re disabled or not. There are thousands of beautiful minds among us that are educated, but hampered by a severely disabled body that our government discourages from entering the work force becoming productive participants.

When I became involved in the effort to amend the homebound restriction I quickly discovered I was dealing with Medicare law that was written in the early sixties and kept in place by Congress to keep cost down. Technology had exponentially advanced since the homebound restriction was written. If fifty years ago and I chose to stay alive my choice would have been an iron lung in the hospital. Medical technology could not maintain a life at home if dealing with a chronic disease or severe disability. In the day the homebound restriction came to be you remained in the hospital or went home for a brief respite receiving home health care, discharged and returned to an able life.

Congress in its infinite wisdom would rather house me in an institution costing quadruple or more of the expense of living in the community and if I choose to live at home receiving minimal home health care I am imprisoned in the house except for medical appointments, church services and special occasions. SCREW THAT!!!

The information Bob gave me for individuals receiving Social Security Disability Income attempting to reenter the work force can earn unlimited for nine months then limited to poverty wages or lose SSDI. The real kick in the teeth is if this significantly disabled individual becomes a member of the tax base again they lose their Medicare funded health insurance in eight years. That is a blink of an eye. I considered going to work as an advocate for the disabled a decade ago, now here I would be uninsured with an uninsurable preexisting condition. If the severely disabled do attempt to work and their health fails it is not a given they will receive SSDI.

Currently my Words+ work is volunteered. There is zero federal support to assist me and others that are much more talented than I to become tax payers again or for the first time. I mentioned in the beginning how phenomenal it felt to be productive again, well flush all of the humanitarian reasons for the severely disabled working and look at it from a pure accounting perspective, it makes financial sense. Anything that subtracts from the trillions of debt creates longevity for this nation.

I am calling on all of my friends that advocate for the disabled and anyone with a voice to come together and exterminate this stupidity! Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

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  1. Kimberly Stiglich-Myers says:

    The more I read and understand or DON’T understand I feel our world is going forward in so many ways.. in this case I feel that our world is going BACK-ASS-BACKWARDS~ MOVE FORWARD… THIS ALL IS SO SO WELL LACK OF BETTER WORD DUMB~ Sorta like our welfare system. Let people work and reward them.. don’t enable people.. mmmm if I work I lose.. if I don’t work I’m rewarded.. GET WITH IT… Our government really needs to be cleaned up.. needs new blood.. Give em hell David.. you got this~

  2. Lisa says:

    What can we do to help David?

  3. Debbi Howard says:

    What are you looking for people to do?

  4. Duke Davis says:

    This really sounds like a great idea. Tell me the things I don’t know about what is going on. Then I will make a decision as to weather or not I am interested in participation. Right now you have my attention.

    The Dukester

  5. Duke Davis says:

    Things seem a little out of stride here. I get this interesting sounding email from someone who seems to have all of his ducks in a row, but, as it turns out, he doesn’t even have his ducks yet.

    This canned message we all got, ” I am still gathering information and will update.” is a bit empty of anything.


    • David Jayne says:

      Duke, it’s like this, the associate commissioner of SSA employee support programs tells what I expected from our government, I can earn poverty wages and an expiration on health insurance. The next day I receive another email from a social worker blowing sunshine up my ass, but when he discovered I worked hard and insured myself well in my twenties and now talking about returning to entrepreneurial ventures I was giving him an opportunity to follow up, crickets.

      All the best,

      • David Jayne says:

        I’m not interested in being a disabled greeter at Walmart, I intend to restore communication, create jobs and increase the tax base.

  6. Duke Davis says:

    I wouldn’t have the greeter job either. I’m a bit too educated for that. I spent twenty years in the Navy doing all kinds of things, then another twenty years working for DOD as an agent. I’ve received my share of sunshine.

    I still have no idea what iws going on here.


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