All I Ever Wanted

Many look upon me with pity, but I am living my dream. No, that isn’t a sick attempt at sarcasm. I am honestly living out my greatest dream quite successfully. Still in disbelief?

As a child my dream occupation was not typical of little boys. I did not desire to become a fireman, policeman or soldier. I loved football and Joe Namath, but there was no way in hell I was going to wear Leggs pantyhose. I did wish for a heavy beard so I could shave with Noxzema shaving cream and have beautiful women rub my smooth face. Regret that one, not the beautiful women part. Back on point David. I wanted to be a Dad.

In the same week of being told I had a few years to live my dream came true. My wife at the time discovered the cause of her morning lovefest with the toilet. I have never experienced such a high and devastating despair in the one emotion. I cursed the Lord. Racked with sadness my thought was how could a loving God send a child now? After recovering from the sucker punch delivered by Iron Mike Tyson (the diagnosis) I decided this disease will not abbreviate my life. During the pregnancy I was determined I would not become a brief distant memory, but it was only a desire void of certainty. The long awaited dash to the hospital arrived in the middle of the night. In my excitement I failed to look for on coming traffic and just avoided a wreck at the end of the driveway. Hannah arrived within the hour. As I held our precious gift fresh from the oven I was overwhelmed with a confidence I would see my child become an adult. I have no doubt this was divinely inspired. It was a comfort not known until that phenomenal moment.

I have two incredible children, Hannah and Hunter, 21&20. I am obviously biased, but they are working very hard to realize their dreams while possessing compassionate hearts. I am so proud of them and love my children with all that I am. They make ALS a stroll in the park. It is bittersweet to witness the metamorphosis into adulthood, but enormously gratifying to watch the germination of seeds planted. Not forgetting the immeasurable odds shattered for me to be a part of their lives.

Never give up on your dreams. Ignore the naysayers no matter the decibel of their chorus. I love the word impossible, no other utterance inspires me more. I’m living the dream! Thanks so much for reading. I really appreciate you clicking. Have a great day! dj

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  1. srgilbreath says:

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts tonight, David. It makes me reflect and ask myself the question: what did/do I want/dream? No doubt it is just a decision away as you posted earlier! … We go to the MDA/ALS clinic tomorrow (Friday morning)with hope in our hearts and still much anxiety over the newness of mom's diagnosis. Your blog provides such relief and reality checks for me! Thanks!

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