Author: David Jayne

Speaking Before Thinking

Syria has been embroiled in a civil war for three years. Evidence indicates that President Assad used chemical weapons on his own people last week. Déjà vu Iraq. Over the weekend as the news began to spread Obama in a

A Camouflage Jacket

It is a personal challenge to find the best bargains. The internet has made this obsession exponentially worse. Shopping for loved ones no price is too high, but I will not pass up a sale. Last Christmas the boys and

Simple Pleasures

Living out in the country is a lifelong dream realized. Tromping through the woods memorizing every deer trail, fox den, turkey roost and hog wallow is an enormous tease, but severely limited by a wheelchair designed for civilized surfaces. I

Numb to Violence

Carey and I moved Gavin into his dorm yesterday. Poor guy was a victim of bait and switch. Gavin received a mailer advertising every amenity a student could dream of and he gets his dorm assignment and it looks like

Under Pressure

Under Pressure, how do you react? The gambit of reactions when individuals face stressful situations is infinite. Some have a nervous giggle, some have to instantly urinate while others decapitate anyone in the vicinity when under the gun. Hollywood has

Are You Where You Thought You’d Be?

Friday night Carey and I watched The Big Chill; a movie released in 1983 about a group of friends meeting years earlier at The University of Michigan reuniting for the funeral of a friend that committed suicide. They were all

A Home Lost, But Never Forgotten

The acquittal of Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill was not a surprise. I told Carey last Friday it will be an OJ verdict, but hearing the news yesterday unleashed a tsunami of sadness. The county I grew up in has

Make It Count

We will move Gavin into the dorm next week. The included amenities in the new student housing are unbelievable. The university motivates students to cram four years into five. While dinner conversation was on deer season last night I know

Coincidental Birthdays

Two of our children were born on the same day five years apart. Chloe predicted Rickie would arrive on “her” birthday, she was correct and the day has been jointly celebrated since. We held the co-celebrations all day Saturday and

A Collision Course

I have never been called a tree hugger, my years in the outdoors fishing and hunting would be compared to a conservationist. With that said, it is impossible to look at statistics and not conclude life as we know it