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the winning pileears loweredOur wonderful friend Sam Burch just left and headed back to his barber shop off the square in Fayetteville. Back to school haircuts was the activity for the afternoon. My delocked pile was the largest and that was before Sam bush hogged my beard. This prince of a man drives down to Senoia since I cannot get in his shop with my chair and refuses our money. He is a much better barber than businessman. Thank you my friend!

The girls went school clothes shopping prior to the lowering of ears. I have been in a melancholy mood all day. Before penning this I pondered why the blueness in my mood. The reason that came to mind was the date August FIRST! These activities should take place during the final week of August in preparation of school starting after Labor Day not the first Tuesday of the month. I feel for our children not getting the experience of a three month vacation and secretly tire of summer with thoughts of seeing friends at school. I recall feeling robbed when the school calendar changed and included three days of August.

RickieOur youngest enters seventh grade Tuesday. What a year of changes Rickie has in store. We will send a little boy off to the bus stop with hugs and kisses Tuesday morning and likely by May we will be lucky to get a bye Mom and Dad as he grabs his backpack running out the front door. Carey and I will miss the innocence and dread Rickie aging, because of the champ’s cystic fibrosis.

Chloe and AliChloe starts her senior year of high school next week and it will be with much enthusiasm. She is very excited about her senior year and already looking forward to the future with plans to become a physical therapist assistant. She will be a natural in the healthcare field. She is so comfortable around me and always eager to do more of my care.

GavinOur college freshman was headed to the Rockies for college at The University of Montana, but $21,000 a year tuition plus room and board made the Hope Scholarship very attractive until he completes his core  curriculum. Gavin wisely decided to begin his collegiate experience at West Georgia. I am proud of his mature decision and buckling down making the Hope possible. In my day I did neither.

Last but not least, Chelsea and Hannah are working hard to finish school. Chelsea, like her Dad will squeeze in an extra UGA  football season and graduate fall ’14. Hannah will graduate this spring from The Columbus School of Art and Design. We will be Ohio bound! Carey, is that all of our children in school?

I have enjoyed the cooler summer, but the frequent showers curtailed our outdoor activities. A summer passed too quickly. Wishing all the students a safe and excellent school year! Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

4 comments on “Back To School
  1. Michael Teasley says:

    My children don’t go back until August 19th. 6th and 9th graders return August 16th for middle/high school orientation.
    Congrats to your son on obtaining the Hope Scholarship. Impress upon him the need to keep his grades up so he doesn’t lose it. I had several students in Savannah who ended up losing their scholarship after a semester or two.

  2. Elissa says:

    I too miss the long summer for children. We managed to squeeze in summer camps, Vacation bible school, a family vacation with all six children, one grandchild and one future daughter-in-love. We’ve had activities with Chinese exchange students. We enjoyed an evening at your wonderful barn and s’mores by the fire.

    And yet, summer has really just begun and the school bell rings. At least the time with my children will continue because I am actively involved in their schools – PTO, Chorus Mom and this year I’ll be able to help with Band as well.

    You and Carey are blessed with wonderful children. I have seen them grow and mature during the last year and a half. I still remember Gavin sharing the story of that first deer – what a smile. Chloe will be a natural in the healthcare field – she has a gentle and quiet spirit that is therapeutic. And of course, Rickie has definitely turned into a young man when you blinked.

    In the midst of the crazy politics, corrupt officials, fallen “stars” and a myriad of other disappointments within our world; it is nice to stop and enjoy the freshness of youth by watching our children in their daily experiences of life.

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