Bated Breath

Years ago the Hienz Corporation had that excellent ketchup commercial, you remember, it played Carly Simon’s hit Anticipation as the ketchup slowly poured out the bottle. That always made me hungry, well just about anything did back then. I loved the anticipation of Christmas until my sisters showed me where Mom and Dad hid the presents. In my walking days I loved the anticipation of a trout’s rise, the flush of quail and a wall hanger buck stepping out, but I am hating the anticipation of news today.

Carey is at Mayo Clinic and will receive test results around lunch time today. I am sick that I am not with her for emotional support. That girl loves me insanely and I’m six hours away. In my beautiful bride’s absence my world is woefully incompetent. Good Lord, I love that woman!

I do not see a fairy tale ending to this story. Something has been discovered and it does not look like a happy ending. We need a miracle and to win the lottery.

I will update later. Have a great day! dj

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  1. lu clark says:

    Praying for yall!!

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