Broken Dreams

Has life been a series of detours taking you further away from your desired destination? Everyone is in possession of a story, some tragic others resulting from poor decisions.

If you engage in this game you are destine for many disappointments. They can be jading if you allow them. Actions can become so guarded one experiences nothing, no sadness but no joy. Working without a net is the only way to play.

When dreams cannot be achieved

Tragedy is responsible for many unrealized dreams and unexploited potential. Words fall pathetically short in an attempt to describe how much I loved my life before Lou Gehrig’s disease. The market crash of 87 initiated a maturation that coin wasn’t everything and I need to spend all of my time in passionate pursuits. I contemplated and I could not fathom a better way to satisfy bill collectors than starting an Alaskan fishing guide service. I knew with a certainty never experienced this was my destiny. I committed my heart and discussions began. Eight months later a diagnosis and shattered dreams.

No time to lament. I spent the next ten years fighting to see the next day. The ventilator afforded time for retrospect. Well hell, everything I thought that defined me was gone. Time to reinvent myself? No. It was of the hour to discover the building blocks of my character. The revelation was comforting and disturbing, but presented the opportunity to birth new dreams.

Sometimes dreams aren’t broken just delayed or obstructed

When desiring something fervently seems patience escapes us especially when deciding factors are beyond control. Don’t throw in the towel. Asses your efforts, is it enough?

Poor decisions are often the obstacle impeding the realization of dream. Facing mistakes is the first step and the only way to move forward. Life will continue and wisdom fostered.

Dream boldly and never settle, time is precious. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

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  1. Cathy Curths says:

    So true, we never know how much time we have here, make the most of it!

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