Bumps In The Road

What is the image your imagination manifests when asked to depict the ideal life? Fame and fortune? Health? Healthy happy children? A loving marriage? Are you among the fortunate living it?

For the rest of us there are bumps in the road, some it’s the Autobahn with a pebble passing unremarkably underneath the tires, others it is the washboard dirt road from hell and the rest distribute in between.

Youth/inexperience exponentially multiply the magnitude of the pea under the mattress. I recall when everything was a code blue crisis for my children, EVERYTHING! I am chest pounding proud to inform as young adults it’s difficult to get a rise out of Hannah and Hunter they just keep moving forward.

An incontestable fact is life happens. Sometimes it doesn’t warrant attention and others the life altering devastation on an IED. After several physician referrals and a battery of tests I was baffled why the examination room was filled with interns the afternoon the neurologist delivered the results. I was living the dream. I would not have traded places with anyone on earth. I was certain the self diagnosis of a pinched nerve was spot on so why all of interest for a petty problem? Changing mindsets to an abbreviated lifespan was beyond comprehension and unexpected obviously.

What do you do when life turns your world upside down? Even if a horrific self inflicted tragedy there are two choices, give up or reengage. It just goes against every fiber of my being to quit. Even when encountered with impossible odds don’t you want to discover the limits of your abilities then expand them?

The benefit of time is distance increases in the rear view mirror. Using a tired but true cliché, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I will add builds confidence and improves navigation skills for next road hazard.

You possess the capacity to shed the weight of the world and climb back on top. The opportunity remains when life deposits one in uncharted waters. Take the helm and set course time is fleeting. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

2 comments on “Bumps In The Road
  1. careysue says:

    Thanks for bringing to the forefront that life goes on, no matter what the circumstance! Your children are very blessed to have such an enlightened father!

  2. Thank you for sharing…sometimes your life becomes something else whether by circumstances of your choosing or someone else. In an instant our ideas of our future can change. I have found great happiness in simple moments and trying to be grateful for this day. Sounds like you have amazing children who have learned how to navigate the road. I wish you well.

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