Caught A Miracle

1971 White SoxCarey’s Mayo Clinic visit turned out like my first night time little league baseball game. Early seventies playing for the White Sox, the coach had me parked in right field. I wasn’t one of those kids sitting down picking grass in the outfield, but my ball handling skills weren’t stellar. I heard the sharp crack of the bat and saw the ball launch briefly before losing it in the contrasting pitch dark sky above the lights. I started running for the fence when I heard and felt that familiar pop in my glove. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

The last visit the neurologist gave Carey a year to live without major changes. Follow up phone calls when more test results came in indicated an abnormality in the brain stem beyond human control. So putting the two conclusions together this last visit had no reason to be encouraged.

Carey lost sight of the ball, but heard and felt that familiar pop in her glove too. The great news is her condition is not terminal and possibly reversible, but Carey has a long and difficult recovery ahead of her. It will require moderation in every aspect of her life and no stress for Carey to overcome the challenges she will face. Caring for a severely disabled husband does not fit within those parameters. The caregiver funding is more vital than ever. Now established is an opportunity for donations to be tax deductible. Please, if you can donate please message me privately.

david_carey_440-300It’s looking like Carey and I have a future together after so many misdiagnoses! Please send healing thoughts and prayers Carey’s way. She has a monumental challenge ahead to get to a point where she is not crying herself to sleep from debilitating pain. Let’s celebrate…… pretty soon! Have a great weekend! dj

6 comments on “Caught A Miracle
  1. lu clark says:

    Great news my friend sending prayers for yall..hugs!!!

  2. AJ Podboy says:

    Good for you my friend & her too. Your support for her is as important as hers for you. Glad you got the tax deductible status too. Please provide details for the “foundation” or what have you, where to send them & the name etc. thanks for the update.

    • Dollie says:

      David, was Cary’s diagnosis Arnold Chiari Malformation? My oldest daughter (mother to 4) has dealt with that for about 6 yrs. now. Just curious if that was the diagnosis. Continuing to pray for both of you.

  3. Lauren Klaesius Garvey says:

    Prayers are being answered. So happy for some great news for you two. Keep fighting and we’ll keep praying!
    Have a wonderful love filled weekend!!

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