Caution Ahead

Interstates, highways, byways and streets are cluttered with road signs. Some signs are limiting, others directional and the majority alerting of impending danger. Most of the warnings are overstated for the average driver so we turn a blind eye.

Maneuvering day to day we refuse to acknowledge many things which we know to be real or true. Warnings unheeded. Why is that? What motivates our reluctance to accept truths or see the obvious?

Me? I am a fixer upper. I am certain I can solve or resolve situations. Success is typically given a toast if the predicament does not involve altering human behavior, but I am a slow learner. At times I just don’t want to believe reality. Finally, there are occasions I cannot see the forest for the trees.

Much time, energy and heartache can be avoided when one heeds obvious signs. Generally the cautions oppose our desires and we continue digging deeper. Yielding to the first speed bump instead of waiting for head on collision would have saved me enormous emotional capital.

Perspective is vital, correction, proper perspective. Trust the gut when feeling uncomfortable, take a step back and read the writing on the wall. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

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