Challenge Impossible

Watching TV or perusing print advertising it is clear human beings are not capable of independent achievement. A pill, gadget, supplement, another person, etc. is a prerequisite for accomplishment.

This isn’t infomercial material, but what is possible. The human spirit is indomitable capable of inexplicable feats defying science or reason. Many will quickly explain this away as Devine intervention. My personal belief is we are blessed with free will and gray matter that is in its infancy of exploitation between our ears.

I am a perfectly average guy. Need evidence of my commonality? Check out my transcripts. I share the following to demonstrate anything is possible for any of us.

My first home health nurse was a Nazi enforcing the homebound restriction. I had no idea I was not suppose to leave the house because I felt too poorly to do so prior to going on the ventilator, however, I summand the strength to appear on the local MDA telethon. The appearance was captured in a photograph displayed in my bedroom. I was discharged from Medicare funded home health services because of the chromatic. The Georgia Advocacy Office restored my care, but the experience left an indelible impression on me. No, that’s not accurate, it freaking pissed me off. I was fighting to see a sunrise, I attempted to do something that would benefit others and I get discharged? My thoughts were not G rated.

It was time for me to start living again. Now sustained by the ventilator and emotionally stronger since losing my children in divorce a college buddy and I planned to attend the Georgia Florida game in Jacksonville, Fl. Bill Torpy of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution contacted me to do an article simultaneously. Possessing the knowledge a photograph was enough for discharge a couple million readers would surely be sufficient. Unaware at the time why I picking this fight other I just don’t hide from anyone. I succeeded being discharged. The story was now front page top fold and traveled nationally like a wild fire. I received thousands of emails, two will never escape my memory. Two mothers confined to home by the Medicare homebound restriction experienced the death of child. One mother attended her child’s funeral and was discharged. The other mother’s health required so much assistance and was instructed she would be discharged she did not attend the funeral. Something had to change.

A simple decision set in motion a national grassroots movement that resulted in President Bush signing an executive order relaxing the Medicare homebound restriction. Though I majored in political science my knowledge didn’t extend far beyond the Schoolhouse Rock segment on a bill, I just believed impossible was possible. We all have in our arsenal this capability to change the seemingly immoveable. Challenge impossible. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

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  1. Amy says:

    I remember so well when the above happened and know how brave you were to take on the system especially knowing what the consequences could have been. Thank you again for sharing!

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