Change Can Be Empowering

Life is in a constant state of flux, yet many spend a lifetime attempting to establish roots and resisting change. The fear of something negative affecting our existence is powerful.

I am one of the fortunate ones that welcomes change because I bore so easily. EXCEPT! I have a lot new friends battling ALS and this paragraph is for you. My decline into paralysis was just a little slower than average. It is important you have an image of my personality, I was so fiercely independent that I did not drink coffee regularly because I didn’t want to be dependant on anything or anyone. Looks like God intended to teach me a humbling lesson. I promise I have caught on Big Guy! I started having fights with gravity and my face usually displayed evidence of the victor. I had this foolish notion in my melon if I used adaptive aides/equipment/technology I was giving into the disease. I also was dangerously holding onto my former life before this monster interrupted. I was not fearful of change I just did not want to lose possession of my charmed life. In retrospect a miracle is the only answer to explain surviving my absurdity. A physician at a MDA/ALS clinic discussed with me using adaptive aides etc. in an effort to conserve energy thus improving quality of life. She was successful. I quickly realized the adaptive world also restored lost independence, which was extremely important to me. I have since become a technology junkie. I would be SOL without batteries and Velcro.

Every change presents opportunity. Even the worst situations offer the benefit of a learned lesson. When things hit the fan in large quantities during this seated expedition I allow myself a pity pause saying #$%& NOT AGAIN then I get busy addressing the matter at hand. The gift of difficult change is my confidence has grown. Now days adrenaline pumps and I get excited about overcoming another challenge. The worst waste of time during this brief visit is to avoid change. Life is going to happen and we will have ups and downs. Eluding change deprives one of experiences which makes wearing out soles worthwhile.

I cannot fathom the monotony of a static life. Ahead is an adventure. Change can be empowering if you embrace it. Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

2 comments on “Change Can Be Empowering
  1. marcuslyle32 says:

    Good morning DJ, congrats on the blog. Thanks for sharing all of your experiences and enriching our lives in the process! lonnie

  2. careysue says:

    I love your blog, you have so much to teach all of us!! I wish my father would or could understand what you're saying, he too has ALS, only he cannot concentrate to read, nor does he have the desire to connect with others on line…Please keep blogging, I'm hooked! 🙂

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