Clemson Wins!

ga_clemI watched my beloved Bulldogs fall to an evenly matched opponent Saturday night. As the clock began to wind down in the fourth quarter so faded my hopes for another national championship in my lifetime. In younger days this loss would have depressed me well into the new week. In the highly competitive world of 1A College Football requires perfection, discipline and a lot of luck out of boys becoming men in order to hoist that crystal football at the conclusion of the season.

Perfection, that is a lot to ask of young men, many of which come from unfathomable dysfunction. They are human and at the age males make the most mistakes. How then is a perfect season achievable? It is the team that makes the fewest mistakes. The young Georgia kicker never imagined that extra beer or four earlier this summer would cost his team and the Bulldog Nation the chance at a national championship. Fast forward a few months in a tight game the long snapper likely had his mind focused on the walk on freshman that replaced the suspended starting kicker instead of concentrating on an accurate snap when he hiked the football high and right for a chip shot field goal. Of course Murry’s turn overs were a significant addition to the mistake tally.

Life’s direction and outcome typically turns at a pivotal occurrence or a series of events in one’s existence. For the vast majority of us mere mortals that occurrence or series of events is usually a whopper mistake or the definition of insanity: doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome. It is what we do after a mistake/mistakes that matters. Do we implode or pick ourselves up learning from the experience and move forward? Coach Richt seems to be deficient when preparing for a competitive adversary early in the season, but extraordinary in picking the team up, learning and moving forward. That requires character.

Tragedy or circumstances no fault of the individual, are situations that test a person’s grit. There is a choice, respond negatively or positively. My sister closest in age to me took her life over a decade ago. Poor Karen was plagued with a lifetime of wrong decisions except one, her daughter. The home environment was not fit for raising a child most of the time, but there was love between the two. My niece was bound and determined not to relive her mother’s life. With every reason to be angry and bitter my niece is the greatest story of turning a negative into a positive. She is fun loving, successful, happy and a wonderful mother of two. I know her mother is very proud. I am sorry I did nothing.

Death is the only limiting factor to the decision of change. If you find yourself bitter, guarded and jaded by a life you had no control over, today is a golden opportunity to decide to change. Begin shedding the layers of hurt protecting your heart so thick you cannot feel joy. Make the necessary changes to empower yourself. If held down by another or influenced by others seek and realize the truth. It will not be easy and no promises there will not be more pain along the journey, but it will be worth it. Today is your day! Go Dawgs! Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

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