Coincidental Birthdays

Chloe and RickieTwo of our children were born on the same day five years apart. Chloe predicted Rickie would arrive on “her” birthday, she was correct and the day has been jointly celebrated since. We held the co-celebrations all day Saturday and well into the night.

As I have mentioned before Chloe fought for her life to enter this world arriving a month early with her tiny arm under the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her neck and Rickie fighting for his life since with Cystic Fibrosis, a godless disease. Both children are fighters! Rickie and I are both X’ing days off the calendar, because of technology. The energetic lad must interrupt his day in the morning and evening when he dawns a vest connected to a compressor that shakes the hell out of his chest while he inhales outrageously priced nebulizers. Our champ never complains, maybe -procrastinates, but I can’t blame him. Challenges await.

Both invited friends over for the day and night. I get tickled listening to Rickie’s buddies get excited. The gang has reached different stages of puberty, a shrill voice, a cracking voice and a voice that made me think who is that man in the house? Innocence fleeting, the boys are still discussing building forts and playing video games. Gavin built a fire in the pit and the older birthdayers hung out there. Chloe was serenaded to an old Cat Stevens song by a nice young man. Cole, that took guts and I know our daughter appreciated it.

family dinnerThinking forward to next August our houseful of children will dwindle down to one with Chloe, Gavin and Chelsea off at their perspective colleges. Fingers crossed, Hannah will be gainfully employed pursuing her passion after graduation. Our oldest daughter Ali will be on the cusp of becoming a licensed psychologist and our son-in-law Drew begins veterinarian school. This is the role of parents to empty the nest, but the thought remains bittersweet. We are hoping in those fledgling flights life lessons are not too painful and our children put forth their best efforts so the doors of opportunity swing open for them. We are very proud!

BedAndBreakfastpool hallSo, with an empty house, cabin and barn, Carey and I are going to open a bed and breakfast, the barn is screaming for pool tables, cold beer, a cigarette smoke haze and rednecks brawling! JUST KIDDING Coweta County and our lovely neighbors. Happy birthday Chloe and Rickie! Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

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