Coming Back

My heart goes out to the people of Moore, Oklahoma. The devastation looks like something created by CGI in Hollywood. Can you imagine in a few minutes your only possessions becoming the clothes on your back and a driveway? You cannot look to your neighbors for help, because they are in the same condition or dead. The poor children sense of safety and security is scarred for life.

In a day or two the rescue will become a recovery. Following the collection of corpses a herculean clean up effort will begin then the citizens of Moore will start coming back from total loss. These are people of true grit, because in 1999 a F5 tornado did the same thing. That tornado was the highest recorded surface wind in earth’s history.

I would not dare say it sure puts problems into perspective, because the loss of material possessions when one has life and limb is hardly a challenge compared to obstacles this world can place in front of us. I do admire the resilience of Midwesterners living in tornado alley coping with the threat and often the destruction.

F5_tornadoVery few will escape a lifetime without their F5 tornado be it disease, disability, death of a loved one, addiction, financial loss and the infinite list continues. The overwhelming majority of us will be given the opportunity to come back multiple times. What does not kill us most often makes us stronger, more determined and more patient. I must confess, I am composing this post for my benefit. I went to sleep thinking of the people of Moore and woke this morning still horribly depressed about my family’s financial circumstance. It’s not the fact that we have thousands in medical bills, the need to fund a caregiver on a disability income it is my inability to come up with a viable solution.

I have racked my brain since a selfish neighbor and a corrupt building department put the quietus on a solution that would not harm anyone, employ Coweta residents and satisfy our financial needs, but nothing is coming to mind. If solo it wouldn’t be a problem. I have gone to hell and back so many times when single I didn’t need a map, but I have a family depending on me and the love of my life existence hangs in the balance. I have never felt so disabled in my life.

With all of my might I am trying to put into practice what I preach. I know this will pass too, but I would love more than anything to keep this tornado closer to a one on the Fujita Scale. I am open for employment ideas. It would have to be a home based occupation because of my physical needs. Definitely not sales of the latest life changing multi level pyramid product. Some have showered me with undeserved platitudes regarding my writing, which makes me laugh. After taking freshman English three times the professor advised me not to pursue a career that required me to compose my thoughts on paper, but in my current condition I am a much better writer than Alaskan fishing guide. Suggestions please? Thanks for reading. Wishing the people of Moore the most remarkable come back ever. Have a great day! dj

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  1. Elissa Holder says:

    Time to market your wonderful estate to “Hollywood South” as a filming location.

    In addition to filming locations, there is a need for large buildings (aka The Barn) to be used near filming locations for caterers to set up for feeding the cast and crew.

    The county is very flexible with the movie industry due to the vast amounts of money it generates for the community. This might be a way around the county regulations.

    Stay the course!

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