Communicating Words

I received a phone call this morning straight out of a nightmare. You know a dream when you’re naked in public? Well wait, that never bothered me. OK, a dream of walking into class and it’s the final exam but you forgot to study! Nope, been there done that. Point is the Cobb County Board of Education was on the phone informing my caregiver I was an hour late for a paid appearance. OH SH%$! My mind raced with questions. Did I really miss a speech? The day planner I use is between my ears. Did I have my first nearly senior moment? Reviewing email correspondence my memory was confirmed, I had been given the wrong month August 29th. I was overwhelmed with regret because I had been asked to inspire educators and health professionals that will be working with disabled and special needs children. Communicating words.

There are infinite occasions where accurate communication is critical. My father dedicated over thirty years to air traffic control. Every transmission demanded perfection or lives were lost. That is quite a burdensome responsibility. Words exchanged in the relationship setting also require accuracy, in addition word selection, tone, consideration and intent carry more importance because of their phenomenal power. The utterance of a few words can catapult a life or inflict a lifetime of damage. I’m the type I say what I mean and mean what I say. The neurologist that informed me I would likely not live beyond my twenties was looking down his nose just above his black rimmed reading glasses wearing a crisply starched knee length examination coat as his frank words void of emotion embedded in my memory permanently. In retrospect it was exactly how I would like to be told I was going to die, but a news tease before the commercial break sure would have softened the landing. He was just divulging facts, but lacked consideration of the situation. I recently did the exact calloused thing to someone I care about. I deeply regret my thoughtless delivery but once launched the damaging words orbit eternally. I must and I will improve my communication.

I have been given the extraordinarily wonderful opportunity to love, share, mentor and attempt to undo the damage of abusive words spoken to six beautiful young souls. Truly an honor that will never be exceeded. My reward? Unconditional appreciative love. Life cannot get any better. Don’t ask to trade places with me, the answer is no.

The communication of words has unfathomable ramifications, choose wisely and seize chances to better lives. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

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  1. Cathy Curths says:

    I totally agree. I have said things in anger to my kids that I can't take back, since my health issues I have grown closer to my kids. I think before I talk, although that is easy as my speech is damaged. Maybe that happened for a reason. My Neuro was arrogant and cold as well. Maybe he's been doing that kind of work too long.

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