Cowboy Rap?

Chamillionaire's Gold Album PartyThis is going to be brief. I don’t have a bee in my bonnet today, but I do have a bug up my nose. Seriously, a damn bug went up my nose several nights ago and before Carey could suction the rascal out it crawled into my sinuses. I will spare everyone the gross details, but now I have a raging sinus infection.

I was sitting in the barn trying to motivate myself to write when a rap song played on a country radio station. No, it wasn’t about disrespecting women or killing and I suppose it was sung by a “country artist,” but some things just don’t go together like pizza and milk. I hope Hank and Waylon aren’t aware of where their music has gone. I am betting what will be next is taking classic hits and bastardizing them into country rap songs by untalented wanna be’s wearing a bunch of gold, pants sagging and a cowboy hat.  Ice Ice Baby

Carey and DavidSome things however do belong together like chocolate and peanut butter. It has been nearly a quarter century since trying that combination, but the taste is unforgettable. The second your taste buds are bathed in decadence you know they belong together. Though I was a coward at first with my heart I knew deep inside when meeting Carey we were a better combo than Reese’s!

I guess the biggest surprise life has revealed to me is how quickly time passes. I wasted over two decades just surviving, trying not to be a burden and not living. It definitely makes me appreciate Carey’s love, but a life lesson I could have bypassed. Before time expires trust your gut and find your berries and cream. Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

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  1. Carey says:

    I am the lucky one!!! Love you!!

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