Crop Rotation

cotton fieldOur property has one White Oak that was a teenager when Sherman burned through the South, other than that one majestic memory repository the forest is immature. The soil tells the complete story. It grew King Cotton for nearly two hundred years establishing Newnan’s old money, continuing until cotton’s crash in the sixties. The soil is dead; many areas will not grow weeds.

dust bowl


Crop rotation dates back to Roman times and even further to a few cultures in Asia. Greed and not appreciating the fact soil must be nurtured, nutrients have to be replenished or it’s back to the dust bowl days. This holds true for anything good in life to be sustained and flourish.

Life requires effort; nothing is maintenance free. I have met a host of individuals that benefit from their father’s or grandfather’s blood, sweat and tears living effortlessly off of inherited wealth. The majority of these acquaintances are not worth a plug nickel as human beings. There have been a refreshing few that picked up the flag and leveraged the opportunity of not starting from scratch:  continuing the family tradition of working hard with a compassionate heart. A self taught lesson growing up was I never appreciated anything any more than when I worked to earn it. I learned determination, perseverance, dedication and patience. These attributes served me well in a brief able life and enabled me to grow old with ALS.

I married twice for the wrong reasons. The first time I was young, naïve, stupid and thought it was the “right” thing to do. If I could go back and shake some sense into that boy! The second was for a green card to relieve my exhausted parents of my care. Common sense almost saved the day, but when my father dismissed my efforts to tell him the bride to be was insane he gritted his teeth and said, “You will marry this girl!”

Before Carey came into my world I was beginning to take life by the reins again. Falling in love with the woman I should have met thirty years ago and receiving her unconditional love has been life altering. We have given each other the tremendous gift of an accurate perspective and a fresh start, but bringing in sixty years of hurts and disappointments to the marriage has insured every day isn’t paradise, before adding in the challenges of my disability. It takes a daily effort to keep our relationship fresh and our focus sharp.

There will never be a shortage of challenges in life. If you begin every day with that knowledge instead of wishing everyone would stop piling on, you can approach living proactively. Through this journey of losing nearly everything but my pulse I have learned a vital lesson; the ONLY thing we control is our reactions to circumstances. I have a close relative that is busier than a one armed wallpaper hanger expending enormous energy thinking she is keeping every aspect of her life under control. When an issue does arise she is spent, too exhausted to address it with the proper frame of mind.

Facing the day with the appropriate mindset enables one to nurture the good in their life, relationship, marriage, family and friendships selflessly. Are you rotating your crops? Have a great day! dj

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  1. Carey says:

    I know you’re my husband, but this is so poignant right now!! You’re simply amazing how you put the two together!! We will forever rotate our crops and care for them!! I love you David, we WILL get through this even stronger!

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