Dig Out Not Deeper

Have you heard the saying: If find yourself in a hole stop digging? Many of my predicaments are self inflicted or my reactions increase the severity and or duration. Whichever the case when life piles on there is a high probability for self perpetuating negative behavior. When down in a hole, the depths of depression, gaining an accurate perspective is difficult. Challenges, problems, issues, etc. look much larger peering up from the bottom. Overwhelming. The magnitude sometimes induces denial or a procrastination to address the situation.

Fear only acerbates the matter in the mind. The fear of looking under the bed as child became immeasurable with delay, but if courage was summand during the night or the investigation with morning’s light was a relief and disappointing to get so worked up. The correlation is timeless, look under the bed. Life is too precious not to address obstacles and put them behind us. Taking the path of least resistance or appeasing to keep peace are the worst wastes more important steals the opportunity for happiness which everyone deserves and is worthy of receiving.

This journey has provided me with ample occasion to practice digging out of the dumps. During battle I remind myself and try to take to heart this is going to pass, happier days are ahead and I will be a stronger person on the other side.

We have been given the inestimable gift of life. Regardless of challenges or obstacles the value never depreciates. To my dear friends battling ALS I know it is difficult to have hope when the world as you knew it is caving in on you. If I ever get a tattoo it will be ALS SUCKS right across my ass! There can be joy in your life again, there can be joy in anyone’s life. Stop digging. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

2 comments on “Dig Out Not Deeper
  1. Amy says:

    You deserve the happiest of moments. We all do! You're right many times we find that the holes we are in are ones we dug ourselves but each of us has the ability to change and to make our own happiness no matter what the obstacles!

  2. srgilbreath says:

    Glorious idea! ALS SUCKS on your ass! I can't stop smiling or laughing……maybe my mom should have that done when they put her feeding tube in….it could be inscribed above her belly button….Thanks for your continued support through this blog….

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