Discovering Your Destiny

Do you know your purpose for this visit? Individuals that possess exceptional talents never need to ponder such a question. The only extraordinary talent I possessed was having fun. I was pretty good with a fly rod, but never met a professional fly fisherman.

I feel this is an important question to ask and critical to develop an answer. Knowing your purpose sure makes difficult days endurable. The last 22 years I have been on a futile quest for an answer. I do not mind saying my travels to hell and back no longer require MapQuest. I desire to watch my children become adults and attempt to be a positive influence, but divorce and too many reasons has made that tremendously difficult. I have questioned during pity pauses why so much hurt and loss?

Today my destiny was discovered. It is heartbreaking and beautiful. The purpose of my journey became crystal clear. My life void of these experiences would make me incapable of comprehending the gravity of situations at hand and to come also how to compassionately navigate forward. I have been perfectly groomed for the days ahead.

Yes, a big tease. I will share as things fall into place. I will have guests in my home for the next seven days. They need my complete attention. I will return Wednesday morning. I hope you will come back. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

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  1. Am looking forward to your revelation as I ponder this question a lot.Donna

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