Dum Vita Est Spes Est

It is vitally important for individuals to stop and reflect on which things in life are truly important. We have all heard it said that no man on his last day will say “I wish I had spent more time at work”. Taking time to deeply consider these important things is a gift to those who may have lost some or all of their former abilities. Those who keep themselves too busy to stop and reflect, are the ones who are indeed missing out on a great opportunity.

Faced with the most difficult challenges of life, it is comforting to know that we are not alone, others have experienced similar situations, and that we are understood. Many of life’s difficulties remind us that we should live each day to the fullest.

The work of Helen Keller reveals to us that her words are quite true when she says that we will not achieve success without suffering. She suggest that struggling in life offers us the chance to see things more clearly, become inspired, and find the true meaning of happiness and success.

Quadriplegia has taught me taking action does not necessarily suggest physical movement. It suggests that we stay involved in our own lives. As long as a brain is healthy and functioning, this means that anyone has the power to continue living a full and productive life. As long as we are living we have the ability to continue taking part in really living. Even those of us who are unable to move or speak should continue living to the fullest.

No one knows on which day their life will come to an end. Anyone of us may face this at any time. How each of us chooses to live, and how this affect others is what truly is important.

Dum vita est spes est – While there is life there is hope. These are words that we must all remember when dealing with the challenges of life. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

2 comments on “Dum Vita Est Spes Est
  1. careysue says:

    David, I truly believe this post should be plastered all over shelters, rehabilitation facility's anywhere there is a place where hope is needed! I just don't understand how you can come up with such an articulate, loving, common sense post that can pretty much hit home to all of us!! Thank you my friend again for giving hope!

  2. Cathy Curths says:

    Great post,yes as long as we have a mind we have the ability to contribute to this world. We are all bere for a reason. God wants to use all of us.

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