Dusty Britches continued

I moved back to Clayton County in 1989 on my parents’ street when the disease progression made retirement a reality. Walking into homes and considering if they would be wheelchair accessible depressed me deeply. I purchased a home from a builder living in the neighborhood. At closing it felt like I was buying a casket rather than a home. That was the first of a plethora of heart wrenching memories accumulated at 115 Hayes Circle. Fast forward 22 years, I never entertained the thought of moving forward with my life, but enrolling our children in a brick and mortar school was a necessity and that released a flood of exciting possibilities.

There were many fitful nights in the Rex house. One sleepless night I was browsing the internet looking through infinite pages of homes for sale when I found our future residence. I could not wait for sunrise to show Carey. Dawn finally broke so I didn’t feel too guilty waking my bride. Carey’s reaction mirrored mine. That morning I had my broker make an appointment to see the house. As luck would have it the broker was delayed by a flat tire. Carey, our children and I were given a tour by the owner. Carey and the children went to look at bedrooms again leaving me and the owner to discuss business. Before getting down to brass tacks the owner shared that he and his first wife built the home. She had a tragic accident in the house. Sadly, she later died from the fall. Now what are the odds of me looking at hundreds of homes that night and finding a place mirroring our taste built by David and Jayne? It gets better.

Family Room Fire Pit

Surrounded by nature




Guest Cabin







I completed the credit application and within 48 hours the owner of a mortgage company called and apologized for not calling sooner! What? After verifying a few items on the credit application Carey and I hear the CEO say over the speaker phone “I will personally make this mortgage happen.” In this economy, in this housing crash living on disability it was amazing a mortgage business was even considering me. What made it astounding I still had a Chapter 11 bankruptcy haunting my credit report. Jake, the CEO, asked me to compose my explanation for the credit report marring to him in a letter. I did and I retold how in my twenties I made some financially fruitful business decisions for a kid, how my first wife blew through the savings and when she divorced me I discovered she had accumulated thousands of dollars in credit card debt using my name without my knowledge. It sucks not being able to open the mailbox. I continued in my explanation how I took on the majority of her acquired debt, because she was unemployed and I did not want my children to suffer. I managed to keep my head above water for a few years, but when incompetent thieving caregivers recognized my predicament and began charging more my house of cards collapsed.

When I went on the ventilator in the spring of ’98 and given a second chance at living I dedicated my life to helping others in any small way I could. My life became so much more worthwhile my daily challenges faded in their difficultly, because I soon learned you didn’t have to look far to find someone with a heavier burden, It was free mental therapy, giving is incredibly rewarding and made getting through the dark days possible. I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around or biblically reaping what you sow. Karma has played a significant role in my life as far back as I can remember and it did again with the bankruptcy letter. It absolved the bankruptcy with the underwriters and we received a 3.50% mortgage!

Months before leaving Rex, Carey’s increasing debilitating pain could no longer be ignored. She was bounced from doctor to doctor in Clayton County with absolutely no results except thousands in medical bills. We even saw a neurologist at Emory that just wanted to treat the pain and throw her into the lame ass excuse file of fibromyalgia, medical terminology I am certain created by physicians either too lazy or too incompetent to discover the source of the pain. We moved to Coweta and began experiencing the same thing with doctors as we did in Clayton. Finally, a neurologist recommended Mayo Clinic. Carey made the appointments and arranged for a caregiver familiar with my care to cover the days my wife would be away. This inspired hope in us for the first time, but the new jealous husband of the caregiver put the kibosh to Carey’s recovery.

As time passed it was obvious we needed a caregiver full time. Our daughter’s wedding inspired The Hitching Post. Our property was going to be the ideal income generator to fund a caregiver. We provide the venue and require the wedding parties to clean up; a miracle had fallen in our laps. We were honored to be selected as the venue for the couple’s special day. An equally phenomenal feeling was our family’s financial needs would be satisfied by our own efforts. I cannot describe the relief being self-sufficient birthed.

A cowardly selfish neighbor concerned about traffic went to the County instead of voicing their concerns to us resulting in a prohibitively expensive rezoning process. This was far from guaranteed needing the approval of fifteen government agencies thus killing the dream last Monday. I ask you, have you ever been inconvenienced by wedding traffic? I believe I will write the neighbor and inform them The Hitching Post has become The Ditching Post Funeral Home and let them really worry about traffic.

I am blogging again to give back in a small way for the generous donations given to us. This setback has really knocked us on our keisters. I have always said if you want to know the true character of man let him walk by and see how dusty the seat of his britches are. I am asking for your help to get back up. It’s breaking my heart to watch my beautiful wife decline with every passing day. If you’re not in a position to donate we completely understand, but we ask you to please help us to spread the word about www.davidjayne.net and this blog. Thanks for reading! Have a great day! dj

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  1. Debbi Howard says:

    Very interesting read, David. Your story always blows my mind when I read it. I’m praying for you and Carey and I’m also specifically praying that someone will hear about you and feel led to come be your full time caretaker as a ministry, not wanting anything but a place to live (your cabin? The barn??? lol). Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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