Dusty Britches

Good morning everyone! It has been a few years since I cluttered the internet with my thoughts. Welcome to the maiden voyage of davidjayne.net! Thanks to the ideas and encouragement from my friend of forty years, Rick Howington here we are. Thanks to the assistance of his company TechAdvocate Solutions davidjayne.net was built and an ongoing relationship continues to keep the site search engine optimized, SEO. Thanks so much Rick. The first few posts will be long winded catching readers up, but I hope worth your time. Anchors away!

Last time I wrote my life was in a drastically different place. I was 29 days away from making the best decision of my life official and that was to marry my beautiful bride Carey Jayne. Our dear friend Tom Drake drove over from Augusta that extraordinarily gorgeous Saturday morning and married Carey and I. Tom, in your brief moment on this big blue marble you touched many lives, but none more than mine that morning. You joined Carey and me on a rock solid foundation. I knew without a shred of doubt I had experienced the initiation to the best thing that can ever transpire in my life. Thank you Tommy and Carey!

We held the ceremony in the front yard of the Rex house I moved to 22 years prior certain it would be my casket, but this splendid day there was nothing but life and rejuvenation. A Georgia drought arrived in early May and by the third week of June the lawn was parched. We had to do something about the grass. The impossible watering restrictions did not bode well for a green blades and a rogue shower a week before the nuptials was too little too late. Thinking hard I recalled a memory from childhood of a Zoysia lawn being painted during the winter. That’s it, paint the lawn! I ordered a backpack sprayer and environmentally safe grass paint. Gavin, Hannah and Chelsea painted for two days. I was surprised how natural it appeared with the exception of a crunch underfoot we should have been ratted on for watering violations.

Late June was a risk not to have an oppressively humid hot morning ceremony, but the weather gods smiled that day providing a nip in the morning air and a refreshing breeze all day with the temperature not exceeding the seventies. Our children attached fresh cut flowers to a white arbor with white duct tape I ordered with the grass paint. I was pretty proud of my redneck solutions especially finding white duct tape. I found a dress on etsy that Carey went nuts over unfortunately I did not realize the dress was located in Queensland, Australia until my bride’s heart was set on it. Well, not only did the dress not arrive the Shelia ripped me off! The kids ran to the Super Wal-Mart on Friday and found a beautiful gauze dress for their mother, seriously. To keep with tradition on our wedding day any time Carey had to help me before the ceremony I kept my eyes closed.

I went outside before the designated time never feeling more certain of any decision I had ever made in fifty years. before wedding

Our son walked my beautiful barefoot bride down the sidewalk. My stomach jumped with excitement seeing the woman that was created for me to love never look more stunning.


Carey and I wrote our vows, which I recommend for every couple that intends to commit a lifetime of love, respect and honor to each other. Tom’s words were powerful and inspirational, but I found myself growing impatient I wanted the ceremony to conclude so I could be Carey Jayne’s husband.


We went inside for a modest reception. My father had received a stage four lung cancer diagnosis days prior to the wedding, but he appeared strong and genuinely happy for Carey and I. His previously emphysema damaged lungs only lasted eight months, but we were living in the present as he gently hoisted a champagne flute to my lips for the first wedding toast. Our children toasted us with beautiful words; my lovely bride fed me, not long after our guests departed.

The remaining family returned to the front yard to enjoy the phenomenal weather and painted lawn. Everyone repositioned the folding chairs for an extended chat as a family. As we began conversing an exhaustion I had never experienced before drained every ounce of energy from my body. Sitting with my face in the sun I felt decades of hurt, disappointment and anger shed away. afterI knew I finally had unconditional love. A love that eluded me all of my days was mine to cherish and protect, though I long ago let go of the hope of having a healthy emotional love in my condition.

Life was better than ever though there were some adjustments needed like discarding old baggage and familiar reactions. August arrived too soon for our children at home. It was time to begin virtual school administered by Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy. Our youngest daughter participated in the school’s color guard, in my day it was the flag corps, beyond that cyber education was not fulfilling the social needs of our children. They went to campus to study and other activities, but the omnipresent Southern Baptist doctrine combined with too many hypocritical students was a tough pill to swallow for all of us. There is much to appreciate in moderation.

Clayton County schools were never a consideration. Besides the school system not being accredited at the time I did not want my daughter gang raped on campus or my boys to become victims of gang violence, which were all incidents police responded to in months prior to our school dilemma. Poor Ernest Stroud (former Clayton County Schools Superintendent) must be rolling over in his grave. We had to do the seemingly impossible and move. To be continued…..

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  1. Debbi Howard says:

    I must say, David, you’ve gotten better looking over the years! Carey looks gorgeous! An interesting read.

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