Easy Gettin Harder Every Day

How deep is that rut you are stuck in seemingly forever? Have you ever been stuck in a muddy rut on a dirt road? The parallels are amazing. Often times the muddy spot in the road is surrounded by pristine land. Correlation, everyone else has it so good if I could just have the life over there. The sounds and feeling of getting stuck are uniquely unmistakable. The break in traction inevitable induces the depression of the accelerator to the floorboard digging the vehicle deeper and deeper in the muck and mire. Slipping and sliding void of any control then efforts cease to escape. The jostling stops while the helplessness rushes in and depression begins.

Responsibility has a tendency to create monotonous restrictive routines, because children must be cared for, mortgages paid, etc.. Health challenges exhaust and frustrate. Unhealthy emotional environments are superb rut creators.

Dread mounts with the concluding day anticipating the initiation of the next. Sometimes a change in attitude and perspective is what the situation requires. My morning routine consumes 21/2 hours to prepare for the day and be in my chair. For years I longed to return to the days when I was out the door in less than thirty minutes, This was obviously impossible so an attitude adjustment was in order. My only regret now is not being more specific when I wished for two women showering me.

Other times an adjusted perspective is insufficient to break the bondage of a debilitating routine. Deliberate bold steps must be taken to accomplish the resolution. More often than not it is difficult and painful. These changes demand dedication, determination, perseverance and patience.

Solutions exist for every situation occasionally hard to locate or implore more effort than one is willing to exert, but they are there waiting to be implemented. Get out, get muddy and dig out. Thanks so very much for reading. Have a great day! dj

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