Enabled or Enabler?

Regardless of how independent one is the occasion will arise demanding assistance. Once a man twice a child. Accepting help is difficult for many. It seems the individuals needing the lion share rejects a supporting hand outright.

Allowing others to provide aid and ASKING for help has been the most challenging aspect of my seated journey. Humility struggles with stubbornness, modesty and pride for a majority sharing my type A personality. I will never be accused of being modest. Dropping trou has never been an issue. I feel pride for others, but discount that as a reason for avoiding caring offers. Without doubt I am a stubborn cuss. I rather do it myself for a long list of reasons Dr. Phil could analyze for several seasons.

Learning to accept has been a calming healing experience for my soul. It is an ongoing process not a destination. Patience once was something people wished I had is now in my possession most of the time. Typing 10-12 words a minute is a patient example. Well that isn’t entirely truthful. I had to become a quadriplegic to increase my words per minute.

This progression of acceptance has kept my sanity intact, frustration moderated and living with a terminal disease/severe disability possible.

Yes, always needing so much burdens my conscious. When I woke from the tracheostomy tube surgery I felt like a billion bucks. I knew I had been given a second chance to make a difference. Big or small opportunities are present daily to make life a little easier for another. It truly has been my best antidepressant and perspective adjuster when reaching out to those in need.

Find it in your heart to accept assistance when in need, good will be the only byproduct. Take the time to enable a better day for someone with a cloud overhead. The satisfaction is priceless. Enabled or enabler this is the purpose of our visit. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

One comment on “Enabled or Enabler?
  1. Amy says:

    If we would all remember to try to help someone everyday, what a better place this this world would be. Thanks for the reminding that it is okay to accept help!

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