Expectations Manifest

Manifest Shakespeare said “Expectation is the root of all heartache.” He had half of the equation correct. The grandest of expectations manifest as easily as gloom and doom. We are not taught this so it’s objectionable to what we think we know.

I was intrigued by consciousness and quantum physics over two years ago and read everything I could find on the subjects. The research was fascinating altering matter with thought. This was when I was introduced to the laws of attraction  . If you want your mind blown read about consciousness.

Independence weekend 2016 I was in the hospital. My life had hit rock bottom with a resounding thud. The only way was up. Laying in bed I made the decision to expect the best possible outcome in every aspect of my life. I did well when sailing calm waters, but when the tempest stirred old negative thoughts surfaced. Not deterred, I worked to expect the best particularly when poop scattered in the fan.

Recently, I have been training a caregiver that just could not master several critical aspects of my care. She could have made Job blow a gasket. I remained focused expecting magnificent results. Friday morning things could not have turned out much worse. Her scheduled day off was Saturday and return Sunday morning. I am still waiting on her return! (she packed all of her belongings).

Usually this is when I get down, but not this time. My first thought was, what a blessing! Typically a live in caregiver search is a lengthy process, but my gut felt otherwise. Yesterday I began searching seriously. Shortly following the great eclipse I located a home school chemistry and biology teacher a town away that wants to work Thursday through Monday. My other part time caregiver, Tammy, will work the other 3.5 days. This will eliminate burnout and prevent a caregiver growing roots back here without accountability.

I pay caregiver salaries out of pocket. It’s a huge chunk of change to me personally, but just a little better than minimum wage. I stated the salary upfront and had some concern this might be a deal breaker. She asked one question regarding pay, is that monthly or weekly? She was extremely pleased with my response. I was in disbelief.

You might be thinking this is just a coincidence. Coincidences do not exist. It was the law of attraction in its purest form. It was exactly the same experience as buying my dream home. I knew this was my next home from the moment I saw it just like I knew I would find the perfect caregiver immediately. My mind was filled to the brim with certainty. There was no room for for doubt.

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