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I will be back tomorro. Have a great day! dj

It is unrealistic to expect life to be fair just because you are good. In this uncertain world we grasp for control as obstacles and challenges impede our travel. The only control we have in life is our decisions. How are you going to react this morning when someone cuts you off on the interstate? Every situation is a life changing opportunity, seize it!

Enthusiasm is often like a 24 hour bug, it doesn’t last long, but it is contagious so spread it.

Looking in a mirror what do see, a success or unrealized dreams?

For too long after my diagnosis I would bargain with God, heal me and I’ll be a Christian motivational speaker. I’m slow but it eventually dawned on me; there are no draws in this game, play the hand you’re dealt or fold. When you accept this suddenly your potential knows no boundaries. I can’t speak, but I give speeches. Believe you can accomplish the impossible then Just Do It! Have a fantastic weekend.

Good morning everyone! This is an exciting morning for me. After years of encouragement by others, recently Doug Bradley and Ann Bertschin I am launching a blog this morning. I am frustrated by the text limitations here. You can read and subscribe at http://davidjayne.blogspot.com/ I will post a link here daily to read updates. Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

More thoughts on “I hope your plan B isn’t more of plan A” An undeniable fact is life happens and often demolishes the best laid plans. Have a plan B more important don’t fight it or be bitter. Salmon fight the current swimming up stream and die. I’m definitely living plan B. I have experienced the greatest joys and accomplishments of my life I would have never known if not for ALS.

Today is a bittersweet. May is ALS awareness month. I have lost count of the number of friends claimed by this horrific disease. I am not an accurate representation of ALS. The reality is someone unable to speak or move, starving and drowning in their saliva. Their longevity is counted in weeks and months not years and decades. Please visit http://www.als-mda.org/ and make a donation if possible. Many thanks, David

A dear friend says, I hope your plan B isn’t more of plan A. I love that statement because it says so much. Often we fear facing our mistakes and continue driving head on into the train or paralyzed and will not act for fear of failing. Believe in yourself and take action. You’re definitely going to make mistakes and fail, but learning and getting back up are the ingredients for success.

Before speaking Friday I reflected on what an exciting time for these graduates. I thought about my graduation, no sleep, black gown and May heat in Sanford Stadium. Back to my point. The excitement of new possibilities exist no matter your age. Life can become routine glazing our eyes and diminishes the flame of hope. Splash your face with optimism and fan that flame. Opportunities await you. Have a great day!

A young photography assistant knocked a boar’s head off my office wall Tuesday and felt horrible about doing so. I attempted to comfort him by saying it was attacking me too when I shot it. He continued to feel bad through out the shoot and it affected his work because he was now too careful. Life happens and acceptance is the only way to move forward and live fully. Have a great day!

I keep an African proverb in mind when the going gets tough: A smooth sea does not make for a skilled sailor. I am obviously a slow learner because I repeat this lesson often, but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. When the storms are raging have confidence in yourself that you will come out on the other side a better person strengthened in character. Have a fantastic day!

Do you find yourself stuck in a rut, searching for the excitement life use to hold or just burned out? I make a conscious decision every morning when I wake, Today WILL BE a great day! No, it doesn’t prevent the crap from flying, but when you start the day optimistically things tend to roll like water off a duck’s back and when good things happen the appreciation is so much sweeter. So have a GREAT day!

With this beautiful weather memories of winter have quickly escaped my thoughts, but I cannot keep from wondering up north do you apply for the job to place THIN ICE signs? On a serious note I know someone that was laid off yesterday. This economy is still losing jobs so if you’re searching for employment don’t lose faith especially in yourself. Difficult times don’t last forever. Have a great weekend!

Be sure to laugh today and often, especially at yourself. If I didn’t make it a daily quest to search for the humor in this paralytic hell I would go insane. Laughter diminishes the magnitude of life’s obstacles and challenges. To be bitter or sarcasm void of humor is such a waste of precious energy.

Just pondering again……. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? Do agnostics and atheists insure for acts of God? And finally, can agnostics or atheists be charged with perjury after swearing on a Bible?

We learn from mistakes, right? I should be near perfection by now.

Helicopter pilots live by a philosophy if something isn’t broken it’s about to be and I guess when you swing your wings around at supersonic speeds it is difficult to think differently, but going through life thinking like Eeeyore you cheat yourself out of countless opportunities and experiences. Carpe diem!

Are you avoiding problems or fears in your life? Face them with boldness and confidence. Often our minds manifest much worse scenarios than reality. When real problems and fears exist avoidance makes them exponentially worse. Set yourself free today, turn a negative into a positive. Have a phenomenal day!

You know guys, we always get lambasted for having one track minds, but the truth is we can multitask with the best. Ladies you disagree? You want proof? We read on the toilet. Have a magnificent weekend!

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut when life piles on and we come to expect nothing will improve. That is the perfect time to dream big and make your dreams realities. The burden may be heavy even more than you think you can bear, just shake like a wet dog and have an attitude adjustment. You possess everything to change your life. Have a fantastic day!

What makes life precious for you? What makes you keep going when the tide is against you? What keeps your hope alive? Hope is a fire that must be kept burning by finding a little good in every day, a little good in every situation. I am having a small operation this morning, a last resort to get relief from this headache. I will greatly appreciate your prayers. Have a hope filled day!

If you were struck with amnesia and were told about your life would you be pleased with the revelation?

Do you still possess that childlike belief that anything is possible? I have to believe. Don’t cheat yourself out of grand possibilities becoming extraordinary realities.

Is forgiveness rare for poor personal decisions or worse hold yourself responsible for life changing events where you had no control? Let it go. If you are responsible for a bad decision learn from it and move forward. If someone has damaged your self-esteem trust your heart and know it is not your fault. Life is waiting to be lived

Everyone has a gift or talent. Have you discovered your talent and possessed the courage to develop it? Your life will be enriched as well as the lives of others when talents are exploited.

Live life without regret. Disappointments are assured and love can hurt deeply, but take a chance and risk the emotional capital because regret is forever. Most important, that chance sometimes pays off unexpected phenomenal dividends.

I awake this Christmas Eve morning with a fresh perspective. I can see after 22 very long difficult years all aspects of my life falling into place for the best year ever. I am embarrassed to say my faith had become weak many times, but hope never died. The timing and ease is too remarkable to be anything but Christ’s hand. Merry Christmas!

Are you one of those people that has a conniption fit behind the wheel or are you an observer of said fits? I have experienced both sides of the track and life is so much sweeter when you self medicate on chill pills. They say patience is a virtue, in my case a must. It can be learned. Have a chillin day everyone!

Is life piling on and you’re certain you cannot handle another obstacle? When life gets that way for me, like right now, I depend on my faith, I know the darkest hour is just before the dawn and difficult times never last forever. We will get through it, might be just in time for another round but hang in there you’ll be magnificently rewarded.

Are you pleased how you are living your life? Notice I didn’t ask are you pleased how life is going? True, we are powerless to the external forces in life, but we maintain absolute control over our reactions. You will always have the power to decide the quality of your day and discover the good in every situation. Have a great day and blessed week!

You know you’re getting old when dinner and a movie becomes dinner or a movie,

Many of my friends are approaching fifty or already there. Lots of folks our age birthday wish is not to be reminded they have a birthday. I have to say my wish is white hair and prune skin )).

I have to laugh as I age when 10 pm rolls around. If I’m out it is definitely time to start heading home when in the past it was time to head out.

Isn’t it amazing the things your parents said to you as a child that you swore you would never say to your children hold so much wisdom now?

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