Family Tradition

I was asked to write about what family traditions I try to maintain while dealing with a disability. I had to smile and confess the first thought was Friday afternoons in Athens, Georgia at the 5th Quarter, cold beer, peanuts and Hank Williams Jr Family Tradition playing on the jukebox.

As a child my dream occupation was to be a Dad. I had so many plans, ALS and divorce destroyed most of them. Paralysis and losing the ability to speak made connecting with toddlers challenging. Hannah and Hunter were lip readers at a young age, they always understood I love you. Hanging on the scooter and getting dragged on the floor always initiated those wonderful uncontrollable belly laughs. Rides around the block towing a red wagon was an eagerly awaited request for me. After the divorce I wanted Christmases to be special at Dad’s. I began a tradition of putting there gifts in a dozen stacking boxes. At eleven and ten the boxes towered over them. The look on their faces entering the living room made the pain of Christmas Eve alone dissipate. It remains a cherished tradition.

New traditions are on the horizon. While corresponding with an intelligent beautiful compassionate woman regarding her father’s battle with this horrific disease she stole my heart as well as her incredible children. Wonderful things will be taking place, long overdue dreams fulfilled.

What are your traditions? Do you work to sustain them? Never too late to inspire a memory that lasts a lifetime and passes down generations. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

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