I really miss wiggling my toes in the wet sand at the surf’s edge. Walking away my feet would leave large deep impressions in the beach soon to fade away. Similar to many individuals that have come in and out of my life. Some creating unforgettable memories while others require prodding of the memory to recall.

During my academic career I would not have been mistaken for the studious type. As a class clown getting a cheap laugh out of the students took little effort, talent and timing was demanded to make a teacher laugh as they instructed me to go to the vice principal’s office. That was a daily goal. I loved school while few subjects rarely inspired my interest several teachers had life altering influences on my future. The first was David Slater. Mr. Slater taught 7th grade history. I had no idea teachers had a sense of humor and could make learning enjoyable. He birthed my passion for history and politics. I was class president my senior year and Joann Phillips was our class advisor. While I was extraordinarily busy having fun she saw things in me I had no clue were in my possession. Mrs. Phillips fostered the belief I can accomplish anything I decide. Finally, dear Miriam Worsham who told me I was not university material. While she was dead solid perfect with her assessment the delivery would have deflated most young spirits, but it was the first time I felt challenged. Yes, a University of Georgia diploma hangs on my bedroom wall, my name is even inscribed on it. A daily reminder the impossible is possible.

A few well placed words or deeds can be miraculous on someone’s present and/or future. More impressive in magnitude are attempts to destroy others’ self-esteem. The longevity is eternal. We remember verbatim the negative assaults. For the males that abuse and manipulate women and children I hope their hell makes the sun feel like a cool dip in a pool. If you have experienced this or living with it presently know and never forget their words are lies attempting to drag you into their cesspool of misery. Pity them and ignore. I repeat, their words are lies!

We leave footprints everywhere, some fade quickly others lasting a lifetime. Take the time and make the effort to improve someone’s day. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

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  1. careysue says:

    David,You are dead on with the statement about your teacher and her delivery.. "delivery would have deflated most young spirits…"My mom always said "Carey it's not WHAT you say it's HOW you say it!" So happy that you took that as a challenge and didn't feel deflated! So many points you made in your post I could quote only then I'd be redoing your post in the comments!I do want to say that when you talk about men abusing women and especially children your quote below I will always remember!"For the males that abuse and manipulate women and children I hope their hell makes the sun feel like a cool dip in a pool." You are not only an inspiring man for people with challenges, you're also an advocate for people without a voice and that would be children! Thank you so much David! Keep on writing!! xo

  2. MilliD says:

    Beautiful words David, yet again.Unfortunately there are too many women out there who listen to men, allow their value to be reflected by the man they are with thus, they accept his words. If that weren't bad enough, they also allow those words toward their children, which begins a cycle. What is also sad is when the children begin to echo the father's words to mom … pushing her farther down into a pit of self loathing.Thank goodness for men such as you and I believe you are not alone, despite the message society sends that 'there are no good men' or 'all the good ones are taken'. They may be harder to see among the muck but they are a treasure when they are found. Trust in God…Hear the words of love from Jesus, the only man who truly loved us enough to die for us, women, men, children.Have a wonderful day David … Thank you for being the treasure you are! Love and Hugs,Diana

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