Got Hope?

Are you hopeful? What do you hope for? Have you been or are you now in a place where hope is hope all you have? Hope incorporates optimism, chance, risk, fear and disappointment. Hope is never a destination rather a beacon on a peregrination. Robert Louis Stevenson said ‘It is better to travel hopefully than arrive.’ Casinos exist because of hope. Most advertising sell hope. Charles Revson, the founder of Revlon was infamously quoted, “what they really sold was hope.” Ladies if you don’t apply your hope while driving I won’t attempt driving period. Deal?

Greek mythology embodied hope as Elpis. All evil escaped Pandora’s Box except hope. The Greeks believed hope to be more dangerous than all of the evil in the world combined. This is not a surprise when hope can be an unparalleled force without explanation.

This month 22 years ago I was told it was unlikely I would live to thirty years of age. Without a cure or any life prolonging therapies hope was my buoy. Hope has empowered me to endure unbearable storms, overcome insurmountable challenges and shatter impossible odds. I must include there have been extraordinarily discouraging episodes when I wanted to give up. Without being motivated by desire the flame of hope begins burning bright restoring my determination. I attribute this to my God.

Hope has the ability to affect outcomes, dreams and lives. I am a LIVING demonstration. Maintaining hope teaches us to problem solve and bolsters spiritual growth. Do not be afraid to foster hope. Life’s disappointments and the bafflement of others’ letdowns can discourage the cultivation of expectation. Hope is an exercise in self reliance, perseverance, patience and determination. Expect, believe and hope the impossible will become achievable. Got Hope? Thanks for reading! I hope you have a fantastic weekend. I’ll be back Monday. Have a great day! dj

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  1. srgilbreath says:

    Loved this, David! We are "thinking positive and hoping for a miracle." Thanks for sharing your life and giving the gift of hope.

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