Judge and Jury

The Paula Deen civil suit has been surprising on multiple levels. First, the case has gone to trial. Celebrities are sued daily, the majority of the cases are frivolous and dismissed. If a suit has a chance of going to trial it is settled long before seeing a court room because people of fame are very sensitive to attacks on their image. While not condoning her actions of twenty years ago I do admire her character for freely admitting without evidence her use of racial slurs. You would be hard pressed to find a white woman of her age raised in the south growing up in poverty that does not regret utterances from their past. That shoe fits many.

I have news for African Americans that believe in equal, but separate, hell will freeze over before that philosophy is viewed in terms of equality. Can you imagine the outrage if a white entertainment channel existed or 100 white men of Atlanta? Personally, I hope the founding fathers’ lazy asses are burning in hell for allowing slavery. The price to be paid for segregation, discrimination and under funding of minority education is in its infancy. This country was founded as one nation under God, but there is a terminal cancer destroying the fabric that binds it.

PaulaThe abandonment of Paula Deen is disgusting. Smithfield has thrown Mrs. Deen under the bus at the appropriate time to protect profits. The meat producer should have researched Deen’s background or asked Paula since she hides nothing if they wanted an Angel.

The press prior to the sixties appreciated the fact none of us possess perfection. Everyone loves a train wreck it seems these days. It has become a spectator sport cheered on by rabid fans watching others’ fail. When did it become vogue to be judge and jury while living in glass houses?

I was raised Catholic and continued to practice the faith in my adult life. Being confined to a wheelchair and observing the aerobic rituals it began to sink in how silly. Getting me somewhere early in the morning is very difficult and taxing on all involved. One Sunday after attempting to listen to an unintelligible middle eastern priest read his uninspired sermon from a sheet of paper I decided this was not worth the effort and thought there must be something better. baptismGoing to the far extreme I joined a Southern Baptist church. I went all in literally letting them dunk me in a cattle trough, but as the water softener dried on my skin so too was my Baptist experience artificial.

It appears to me the more religious people are an equal dose of hypocrisy goes along with their piety for the majority of my encounters. The topic I could not stomach during arm swinging sermons was the damning of homosexuality. Love the sinner but hate the sin! Horse manure! The Bible took over 1700 years to write during a period when the majority of human beings thought the world was flat, there was an over abundance of ignorance. In nature there are homosexual animals, God’s creation that do not have enough intelligence to “choose” a homosexual lifestyle. My grandfather paid $1000 for a bull during the depression that never touched a cow. He understood this was a natural phenomenon. Regardless if you believe someone has control over their sexual preference and chooses a lifetime of ridicule, shame and discrimination these individuals deserve to live a life free of judgment.

I was speaking at the Medical College of Georgia several years ago when a young med student approached me afterwards. It was very obvious initiating conversation with a stranger was miles from the boundaries of her comfort zone, but she thanked me, lauded me with undeserved praise and asked if we could keep in touch. Not long after our communication began she confided in me that she is lesbian and I was the first person beyond close friends she had shared this with. She continued how she felt extremely comfortable around me and knew I would not judge her. I was humbled by her kind words.

It sickens me that I write anonymously about my dear friend. It is not motivated by shame on my end, heck I’m popping shirt buttons, but it is for her protection from judgmental people many posing as Christians. I, like Paula Deen have uttered words in the past I regret. In my youth I was repulsed by the thought of homosexual sex and allowed my repulsion to make generalizations and judgments. IGNORANT IGNORANT IGNORANT! I suppose if I had sponsors they would be throwing me under the bus right about now.

Let’s get all up in arms with a national movement of forgiveness and tolerance rather than snap judgments and ultimate penalties. Steve Gleason had the heart to immediately forgive those cruel clowns when they apologized. Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj


2 comments on “Judge and Jury
  1. Debbi Howard says:

    I agree about the Paula Deen attacks going on. Talk show hosts can call people the c-word and nothing happens to them, but Paula Deen has really been persecuted for her discretion.

    On the Marriage Equality Act, I disagree with you. I still believe it’s possible to love the person, hate the sin. I can be friends with someone and disagree with their lifestyle. I even have heard some homosexuals say that they don’t agree with the change in the Marriage Equality Act.

    • David Jayne says:

      Thanks for commenting Debbi. I believe there is so little known about homosexuality, but ignorance and biblical beliefs should not penalize couples.

      I hope you’re feeling well.

      All the best,

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