Spring has sprung here. The drab of winter has been replaced with budding growth and new beginnings. The Dogwoods were a dud around the place this year, but the wild flowers in our field and woods didn’t disappoint. It will soon be time for cookouts, dinners on the porch, sing-a-longs around the fire pit and a new addition this spring and summer, movies with friends in the barn shown on a ten foot screen. The excitement builds then gets stopped dead in its tracks when I see my beautiful wife in unrelenting pain. The unknowing is the worst. We feel stuck in limbo not being able to embrace a plan of attack and move forward until Carey is seen at Mayo.

The frustration was over the top when getting bounced from doctor to doctor and not taking Carey seriously. Personally it kills me I cannot be on the phone making calls and that my physical needs are an obstacle to Carey’s recovery. Before finding physicians that did not want to dismiss my wife and send her home with pain medication Carey was on the verge of giving up and giving into whatever is destroying her body. I could not allow that until exhausting every possibility so I said to my bride get angry and make it happen! She rattled some folks refusing any response that did not work to fulfill her goal. I am so proud of you Carey! We are just waiting on the date for Mayo so we can get living again.

Many of us are not living in the present, because we are anchored in the past by events that create emotional baggage weighing us down. I am definitely guilty. It was not the ALS I had difficultly with, I was eager to experience more life any way I could, it was how my family particularly my biological children treated me. Before experiencing unconditional love from Carey and her children my perspective was damaged. As much as it assaults my ego I was exactly like a battered woman in an abusive relationship. I was certain if I just hung in there I would finally figure out the magic combination and have the relationship I always desired. When Carey and her children moved in my house looked like a shrine to my biological children, but it was not a photographic progression rather it was stagnated in the past when the dysfunctional bond felt closest. I was firmly anchored in the past not moving forward with my life.

In the early 90’s Garth Brooks released a song entitled Rodeo. The song is about a bull riding cowboy. There is a line in the chorus “It’s spurs and latigo” referring to the cowboy in the shoot sitting on a ton of explosive potential when he spurs the bull and tells another cowboy to let go of the gate. If you will, the bull rider’s life is on hold and the gate is his anchor from the ride of his life.Rodeo

Family hug!I got a clear perspective by experiencing unconditional love and I let go of the past. My gate has swung open and enormous opportunities for living released. If you’re anchored and not moving forward with life get angry about your situation and make change happen. Whatever it takes, get help and latigo! Please keep Carey in your thoughts and prayers as we move forward. Also, please help us spread the word about Have a great day! dj

12 comments on “Latigo!
  1. lu clark says:

    Love you DJ!

  2. steve borne says:

    Well, here we go again. You sound like a victim. How are you going to get what you want when your thoughts are attracting more opportunities for you to be a victim. Only say and think what you want not what you don’t want. Think I’m full of it? Go to YouTube and search “Dr. QuAntum-double slit experiment” and find out how powerful we really are. You and your thoughts have created every single thing in your life, ALS and all. You want to help your family? Learn about the law of attraction. We have all the power we need to do whatever we want, including beating “incurable” disease like ALS. Read all of your posts, you complain in 90% of them.

    • David Jayne says:

      Steve don’t embarrass yourself. I am alive, because of determination and technology. My son lives a hell of a life because genetically inherited cystic fibrosis. Go to hell.

    • Carey Jayne says:

      This is actually hilarious, need David say anymore about his family? You just sealed it Steve!!!

    • ..... says:

      Don’t mean to be disrespectful, but HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

  3. Debra Howard says:

    Part of having a blog is attracting rude people who leave negative comments. ^^ Just ignore and delete Steve Borne. He needs some education.

    I really enjoyed this post. Especially the part about living in the past.

  4. Carey Jayne says:

    Seriously Steve???? Why don’t YOU inform thousands of other people of your enlightenment? All the children born with incurable diseases, THEY caused it? My husband, which embarrasses me to say is YOUR cousin!!! I am too angry to say anymore to you!!!!

    David love, keep writing and telling the truth, ignorant people want to put the blame on the blameless, you have encouraged and helped so many people! I love you!

  5. Kyle Ratliff says:

    Steve – Shut the f*ck up with that noise. Being David’s cousin, you should be informed as to the potential causes, none of which include a person’s thoughts. If you had ALS, I suspect you wouldn’t be all too happy and ‘complain’, as well.

    Move along. Live your life in stupid, ignorant bliss and piss off.

  6. Elissa Holder says:

    I strongly urge Steve to consider a well know leader – John Maxwell and his 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

    David’s life exemplifies many of the laws that Mr. Maxwell has identified as those that make a great leader that people will follow.

    Until you have lived with a chronic illness, you cannot imagine how many people can be uncaring, uneducated, and down right rude in stating their opinions that are in no way based on real life ans daily realities.

    Thank you David for fighting the fight for others. You inspired me to put my hat in the ring for the students of Georgia with Type 1 Diabetes. I proudly testified on their behalf at the Georgia House of Representatives. Standing beside Gov. Deal as he signed HB 879 – Diabetes Care for Students into law was a powerful moment.

    As one who has enjoyed dinners, bonfires, movies and just hanging out with you, Carey and the kids – I am truly blessed by your friendship.

  7. Heather E. Hagen says:

    If you don’t like what is said on this blog Steve then by all means don’t read it! Please don’t insult those who suffer from ALS or those of us who have lost loved ones to ALS by suggesting that they are caused by their negative thoughts! My father was the most positive, upbeat person you could ever meet, even in the face of his ALS diagnosis, which took his life in two and a half years. You’re an extremely ignorant human being Steve. I feel sorry for you.

  8. Heather E. Hagen says:

    David, I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Please don’t let anyone, especially the “crazies” out there change what you do. My love to you and Carey.

  9. Darrell Moore says:

    OK I have to do some research on this steve character before I dive into to this’ debate. When I read steve’s post. The first thought that came to my mind was, this guy is covertly trying to draw interest to the David Jayne blog. Which would make him, the guy I did not want to be, but was willing to be. The person that would come out and humiliate himself publicly for a good cause. Ain’t nothing like controversy when you want a crowd. But if he is for real! “We bout to have some fun!” David, delete this if I just found somebody hiding cards in a poker game. I won’t tell…

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