Law of Attraction

Unfortunately, facebook doesn’t have an emoji for feeling like a billion bucks! I am perfecting the law of attraction and making expectations manifest in my present existence. I know this sounds like a great science fiction flick if you are not familiar with the law of attraction and quantum physics, but this is the hidden truth I discovered several years ago.

I am awestruck by the metamorphosis my life is undergoing.. All of the decades of negative has been purged from my being. I am on the grandest high I’ve ever known. I had no idea to the depth negative energy had changed me. The poles have switched polarity. I cannot fathom what this is going to do to my psyche, subconscious intelligence, creativity and sense of humor )).

It is as easy to manifest fantastical expectations as gloom and doom. The key to manifesting your dreams is there is absolutely no room for doubt. That’s the bitch of our society we are taught from breath one to be conformist by negative stimuli. We are not taught the truth. Why? That is material for several books, but know we have been programmed to be controlled.

It does not require endless hours of hard work, toil and learning from failures to realize your dreams. HERESY, right???? That is what the system wants you to believe. It’s simply thinking free from the influence of western belief systems. ALL belief systems and no it is not the a cult. Another tool of the system to insure conformity and control. You have to grow King Kong gonads, become fearless and think for yourself finally!!!

I am a truth seeker and broadcaster. It is there for the taking. Carpe diem!!!

law of attraction, manifesting your dreams

High Cotton

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  1. Debbie says:

    Hi David, I think of you every Thanksgiving since 2000 when I read in AJC: The Tin Man’s Heart. I was at a low point and had a kick in the bottom when I heard your story. You did teach me to have more joy in even the tiniest things. It is a source of elation to hear your doing so well! It’s hard to believe that a two page news article would still be on my mind 17 years later, your a memorable guy. Hoping you have a wonderful holiday. Like the High Cotton idea and picture you posted

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