I thoroughly enjoyed playing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire when Regis Philbin hosted, but thought “lifeline” was over kill as a name especially for simple $100 questions. Of course I’m a multi millionaire from playing. Aren’t you?

I have two physical lifelines, a feeding tube just above my innie belly button and a tracheostomy tube in my throat connected to a ventilator 24/7. They have been the source of my existence for a combined 31 years. They are part of me to the extent they rarely enter conscious thought. That is quite embarrassing to admit because I should have more appreciative celebrations.

Do you have a lifeline? Is it a mantra, support group, a friend, equipment? I recently participated in article discussing ALS and the internet. WOW, is that ever a lifeline for us severely disabled. Several years ago just after the advent of instant messaging a message pops up on my laptop screen from a friend saying her house was on fire. Her mother left something on the stove and went outside. Two states away the internet enabled her rescue. Now that’s a lifeline!

Are lifelines being tossed to you but being refused? Is the refusal motivated by pride, modesty, lack of perspective? Man, grab on you’re sinking! I was literally killing myself early in my diagnosis because I foolishly refused to use adaptive aides/equipment to prevent life threatening falls. A physician tossed me a lifeline in the form of advice. Fortunately common sense overcame foolhardy thinking and she saved my life.

Look around, are there individuals in need? Make the effort the reward is priceless. Something to consider when doing so in certain cases, enable and empower the person not solve the problem yourself. A dear friend recently shared a beautiful story with me. Years ago her daughter wanted to help a classmate that was a victim of bullying. My friend said, toss her a life preserver instead of jumping in and both of you drowning. What a fantastic metaphor! What a great Mom!

There will be a time you need help, accept it. Opportunities will present to assist, toss that life preserver. Grabbing onto a lifeline or tossing it out we are all in this together. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

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