Look Inward

My hope is, life never pushes you to discover your limits, but if it does, look inward. The human spirit is indomitable, is a coined phrase that is used cavalierly. Dictionary.com tells us, Indomitable: that cannot be subdued or overcome, as persons, will, or courage; unconquerable: an indomitable warrior.  The word has a Latin origin, 1625-1635, untamed. I love the word. We saw it in action last week, Moore, Oklahoma with those incredible elementary school teachers. When all hell was breaking loose, when steel, brick and mortar was being shredded like tissue paper the teachers were laying on top of their students reassuring them with, “No one is dying here today!” and “It’s almost over! It’s almost over!”

How could these educators not think their time and their precious charges time had come? They looked inward. The instinct to survive is unstoppable if we have not played life’s negative tapes over and over in our heads. Our youngest daughter was born with the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her neck, but she had her little hand under the cord pulling it away restoring blood flow. Chloe looked inward. She wanted to live!

A “friend” recently advised Carey that I should have disconnected from the ventilator when my father died. Seriously? His ignorance is disgusting and screams how miserable his life must be to suggest I casually end mine when hitting a bump in the road. Life reminds me of the roads in New Orleans, so many bumps molars are jarred loose. Problems piling up can be very isolating, overwhelming and demoralizing, but don’t throw in the towel, look inward. We possess unlimited powers if we just believe in ourselves.

Tom DrakeThe photograph to the right was my good friend Tom Drake’s last profile picture on facebook before his untimely death. We all need to see the lion within us, it’s there. We can easily identify courageous self-reliant individuals, but too often doubt ourselves and deeply discount our abilities. Erase and discard those horribly disabling negative life tapes. Seems anything negative sticks in our memories as well as a dried cocklebur sticks to wool socks and compliments slip from our minds as if ceramic coated. Look inward.

When life seems hopeless and impossible find that untamed indomitable warrior within. Please keep Carey in your thoughts and prayers this week. She is back at Mayo Clinic needing all of the above. I love you my precious wife!

Have a great day! dj

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