Maintaining Perspective

Our lives resemble a sound wave, highs and lows peaks and valleys. Thank goodness it does! Life without ups and downs would be like a rollercoaster track void of hills, more precisely a flat line on an EKG.

I have experienced some phenomenal peaks even a little fame, cameras, TV interviews, People magazine, etc.. Fortunately short lived so my thoughts weren’t polluted to where I would begin to think it didn’t stink. Caregivers keep me grounded daily by turning on the exhaust fan.

When on top soak it in and ride out the wave. Of course it will not be indefinite, nothing last forever including tough times but more on that soon. When riding high please don’t diminish the experience by predicting the conclusion. Enjoy and carry the confidence you will return when exiting the amusement.

The valleys seem to out number the peaks, but that is impossible, maybe we’re not fully appreciating the good times. Hard times certainly have an extended shelf life. They remind me of taking horrible tasting medication as a child, the bottle would never empty.

High or low maintain perspective, particularly when down and out. Typically and I emphasize typically, when you’re enduring a period you wouldn’t wish on your enemy try to remember it is not as bad as it seems. I am in possession of a perfect example. I have a friend who is a Great American. Seth recently returned from Afghanistan. While over there he decided “If I survive this SH@@ I am doing something crazy when I get home.” Well, I have to say he succeeded. It hurts me to type this, he pierced his nipples. As he spun the yarn, he was in disbelief how much the first one hurt and the second was nothing to it.

Stepping back is difficult fighting a fierce fire, but it is necessary to gain a proper perspective. Remain calm, know this will pass and keep it in perspective. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

3 comments on “Maintaining Perspective
  1. Donna says:

    Keeping everything in perspective IS difficult at times. It's always good to have people around us to remind us that the bad times will pass. You're right about the good times, too. We all need to enjoy them and remember them when the going gets tough. (I can't seem to remember anything these days). Thanks for reminding us to make each day count!

  2. careysue says:

    I love your positive attitude and it's infectious in your writing!! I sometimes don't realize small peaks, because they are not as high as some, so really the valley might be a smaller peak!Thanks again my friend for bringing things into perspective for so many!

  3. Amy says:

    One of my favorite Bible verses is "this too shall pass". It's hard to remember that when we are struggling but once again you've hit the nail on the head. I try to remember what promise the future holds if I can just hang on through the valleys.

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