Make It Happen

I was extraordinarily fortunate to have had a father that made things happen rather than talk about what he was going to do. I didn’t know there was any other way fortunately. It was not until after college that I realized the world had two types of individuals, doers and talkers. Bill Jayne could do anything, I watched him many years. I was amazed by his database of know how. I never saw self-doubt in him he simply took on the challenge at hand.

His quiet example prepared me for my unexpected lifestyle. A few years after UGA it dawned on me the importance of enjoying how you earn a paycheck. I was preparing for a move to Alaska to start a fishing guide service when a neurologist told me living to thirty was an impossibility. The death sentence was not acceptable so I flew to see a neurologist at The University of Miami and was told the same. That’s just not going to work! Following a brief pity party and collecting my wits after being suckered punched I decided this damn disease was not going to abbreviate my time on this side of the dirt. I had spent 26 years making decisions and seeing pretty improbable things take shape. I owe that to Dad and thought that is how life operated. I failed to appreciate the power of committing to a decision. In retrospect I regret my decision wasn’t ALS will not paralyze me.

Please do not think for the briefest moment that I decided and it happened. It has been a daily proactive commitment for 26 years. My challenge was easy, commit to the decision or die. It’s the challenges not possessing dire consequences that separate successful individuals from the masses. Putting off until tomorrow what can be accomplished today seems to be the reason behind most failed goals. I have been diagnosed longer than I lived in a healthy bliss. What was the most devastating news I had received at that point in my life has morphed into a gift by keenly sharpening my appreciation of time. Not that I would ever wish this horrific disease on anyone, but I do wish everyone shared in the perspective I have gained.

As the miles roll up since being diagnosed the most unlikely dream was realized, finding Carey’s extraordinary love and the wonderful love of our children. One of the greatest gifts Carey has given me is how we live our lives. ALS is not the centerpiece of our focus rather a daily inconvenience we deal with and move on with living. It is such a relief not feeling like a burden and being encouraged to forget about my physical challenges. Thank you my Love. Perspective is everything! Maintaining the proper perspective is without a doubt the key to happiness. We have a boatload of regular problems and from time to time we allow our focus to shift altering our perspective. When this occurs everything seems exponentially worse and we become blind to the abundant good at arm’s length. Wasted time.

All of us are capable of accomplishing astonishing feats. Smash those self-doubt tapes that automatically play when facing a challenge or obstacle. Seek Make It Happen assistance to remove the anchors impeding forward progress be it therapy or substance abuse. Cull the naysayers surrounding you for friends that have your back. Stop making excuses, excuses are like buttholes everyone has one. Finally, after years of cute marketing campaigns and jingles there was one that stuck with me, Nike’s Just Do It! Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

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