Make It Happen

Being totally dependant on others has peaked my appreciation when independent accomplishments occur. Thank goodness for batteries and Velcro. My day begins after six. I cannot wait to get in my wheelchair around nine. It’s my captain’s chair like Kirk’s on the Enterprise. No, I’m not a Trekkie, I just remember as a kid how empowered he was seated in his chair. When buckled in and all the technology booted up I am limited only by my imagination.

Opportunities abound to make things happen. Parents, especially Moms of dependant children put in motion at least a few dozen processes before the coffee pot empties. Most are mundane like instructing to brush teeth or as my sweet aunt would say to my cousin, “John, go worsh your teeth.” Other times when the bus is arriving or already ten minutes late out the door a child reveals a serious problem that has festered all night, we usually resolve it before the tardy bell.

Some individuals become paralyzed to act on anything. When a rookie stock broker I had to dial for dollars building my book. I was peddling insured AAA municipal bonds, very very very conservative, but so many people could not make a decision. Fear of losing hard earned savings was completely understandable, but coming out of the Carter years inflation and taxes was eroding their capital.

Inaction in life generally has the same corrosive effect. My heart aches for those that will not act because of a deteriorated self-esteem from verbal and or physical abuse. Again, I hope the perpetrator’s hell is a deep fryer for their genitals. If you are there please get out and know they are only attempting to drag you down into their cesspool of misery. You deserve better!

Infinite possibilities exist if you decide to seize them. Change a life, change your life. Failure and imperfection is guaranteed, but they make the SWOOSH so much sweeter when you get nothing but net. Be bold, believe in your capabilities and make it happen! Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

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