Mistakes and Regrets

I said goodbye to my precious friend Friday morning. It was a struggle not focusing on a lifetime of pain and hardship was mercifully ended. Heather would be very disappointed knowing I entertained that thought. She was the living example of carpe diem. I feel certain in her 29 years she possessed no self inflicted regrets.

She gave it her all every day, she had to in order to function. Dismissing severe pain as the price of admission she lived with a smile. What a phenomenal example.

The last two months were plagued with health issues for Heather. I was unaware because I keep telling myself I was too busy, but no comfort is found. Add that to the list of life long regrets.

Making mistakes is part of humanity. Learning from mistakes is the most effective teaching tool in existence. Admitting and facing mistakes are other shortcomings of being human. Denial anesthetizes reality, but keeps one anchored firmly eliminating development of self more important dream realization.

A stock broker after college I found it amazing how individuals would refuse to sell stocks that were tanking. Hoping their stock would resurrect was a façade, they refused to confront a mistake. Isn’t that the reason we avoid a problem of our creation? Correcting a mistake requires change, change often involves others. That is not easy or painless, but bold moves and bold risks must be taken to make great dreams become realities. What a waste of precious time if our goals are not enormous and we just go through the motions instead. I want to burn out rather than fade away. Thanks Neil.

The clock is ticking. As we age the second hand elapses in seconds. Don’t let your hopes collect dust in the bottom of a drawer due to reluctance. I am in a position that many things are impossible, regret sucks. While there is no such thing as no regret, confront, forgive and get busy living boldly.

Thank you Heather! Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

4 comments on “Mistakes and Regrets
  1. Cathy Curths says:

    Yes it's important to live each day as if it's our last. We just never know. Good message.

  2. hopeyj says:

    Hi,David. Please don't be so hard on yourself. I read once that Senator Bob Kerry felt great regret that he had been "too busy" to call up and chat with his badly disabled friend, Lewis Puller who later killed himlself. I felt bad for Kerry and I am sure you were a fine friend to Heather and your tributes to her are moving.

  3. David Jayne says:

    Thanks so much Cathy and Hope. Hope, I am very sorry about the death of your friend.

  4. hopeyj says:

    Hi, David. Thank you for your nice note. Dorothy was a remarkably lovely person. I am grateful for all you do for all ALS patients.

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