No Complaints Here

Do you have acquaintances that never say anything in a positive light? I cannot call them friends because it is exhausting to be around them. I am certain they are so practiced they become oblivious to their verbal regurgitations. I say this because able body individuals have stood beside my chair and let lengthy negative diatribes rip.

Please don’t think just because I’m seated in a wheeled throne no one else can possess problems. There are many walking I would not trade places with regardless of how many figures on the check.

The rants that are disturbing consist of issues one is incapable of altering or most frustrating problems where solutions exist if effort is exerted but they would rather bitch.

In our deteriorating society too many desire for their problems to be resolved by others or without working to achieve a goal. Yes, I could go off politically with few standing when the dust settles, but that would be complaining without action.

No one can comprehend my problems better than me therefore no one is better qualified than I am to seek solutions. There is a resolution for every problem. The solution might not be personally palatable or too much effort required, but that is a decision within your control. OK David, I have terminal cancer what’s the solution sport? Speaking in realities, we are not guaranteed anything at birth, not even a year on parts. We do have the present and it is in everyone’s power to decide how one will live it.

I have learned how precious time is and every tick is gone forever. It is much too valued to waste complaining. No complaints here. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

2 comments on “No Complaints Here
  1. Amy says:

    We all have to live with the decisions we make and hope and pray that they are the right ones. You're right we are only promised today!

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