Numb to Violence

dormCarey and I moved Gavin into his dorm yesterday. Poor guy was a victim of bait and switch. Gavin received a mailer advertising every amenity a student could dream of and he gets his dorm assignment and it looks like a cell, a prison cell complete with prison gray paint. We spent the afternoon andevening putting lipstick on that pig. On a positive note the air conditioner worked great and the university is a perfect distance away from home.

Before Gavin shipped out we all spent family time together preparing for deer season and watching several movies. The movie selection privileges were given to Gavin. His choices for the family were current popular releases, but they were like watching a video game, almost all CGI, constant fighting, destruction and violence. Tuesday evening it was Gavin, Carey and I at home. Gavin rented what was billed as a comedy, I remember seeing the trailer some time back and thinking that would be funny. Boy was I wrong! The film was Seven Psychopaths, the violence was as shocking if not more as A Clockwork Orange in its day. a-clockwork-orange-anthony-burgessCarey did what we typically both do once the movie starts, she slept. When she was putting me to bed that night she asked about the movie. I was lamenting how society has become numb to extraordinary violence. She added how movies and television keep pushing the boundaries, at that instant an advertisement was playing on the TV for a new network series, the ad showed two totally senseless incredibly violent murders.

Three Charged In Murder College Student In OklahomaAustralian Player Random Slaying ReactionComfort equates to common place acceptance and that scares the hell out of me. People have been getting capped in the head for the pettiest of crimes to eliminate all witnesses decades already. An Australian student was murdered in Duncan, Oklahoma in an effort to get even for the Zimmerman acquittal. Pure hate evidenced by a flurry of Tweets stating his intentions before the murder. The animal claimed to have taken the lives of five “woods”, a derogatory term for whites. Where is Obama and the rest of the black leadership?

No, this violence epidemic is not race exclusive, but the inability of the black leaders to identify heinous problems in their race while the president of the United States can add to the turmoil -of the Trayvon Martin controversy again is comfort equates to common place acceptance that ignores the real issues fueling the violence. I blame whites for this especially liberals that do not possess a shred of common sense. This disconnect among black leaders is a thin veil for white hatred. Average intelligence combined with a little horse sense can plainly recognize this.

documenting-reality-002Take a look at the genocide in Africa or outside the tourist confines of Jamaica to see our future. Liberals want to blame it on guns and gun laws, but firearms are not prolific in Africa or Jamaica so they hack each other to death or remove limbs with machetes. Are you aware how houses are constructed in Jamaica if the individual can afford preferred construction method? Block walls reinforced with concrete and rebar, steel sheets under the roof and doors, windows barred. These little prison fire traps are to keep others out and we are on the way in the U.S. with alarm systems and safe rooms. Instead of imprisoning ourselves and sending billions to nations with populations that seek our destruction let’s seal our boarders and take care of business at home educating the ignorant.

I met an attorney yesterday evening that manages the Atlanta branch of a large D.C. law firm. I sold him some construction materials and a deer rifle for his grandson, but do you know what this educated man that is employed by a law firm with a focus in communication law wanted to buy in quantity? Assault weapons. That makes me wish I could bend over and kiss my ass goodbye. Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

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  1. Ali says:

    In case you want some optimism, Steven Pinker in Better Angels of Our Nature makes the case that society’s less violent than its ever been.

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