Patience and Expectations

Are your expectations positive or do you view the future possessing the knowledge life’s commode will flush on you? The latter insures you will never be disappointed, but eliminates mind blowing possibilities. The culture of negative thinking is deeply engrained in modern society. I have several hypotheses why the leading thought is laziness.

Venturing effortlessly through life hoping good things will transpire is not the same as living with positive expectations. Living with positive expectations is a life style that requires a presumptive attitude, proactive disposition, boldness, confidence, perseverance and patience.

Yes, every few months an extraordinarily lucky individual beats phenomenal odds winning a mega lottery jackpot, for the rest of us good fortune doesn’t plop in our laps. My children could repeat in their sleep the following they have heard it repeatedly; anything worthwhile achieving in life requires hard work, determination, perseverance, dedication and patience.

I have lived 22 years with a terminal disease by the grace of God, but our creator placed gray matter between our ears and a free will to decide to exercise the medulla oblongata. I have practiced what I spout from my soapbox today. I entered this adventure expecting to live decades. I have been extremely proactive directing my health care. Doctors are quite human and many don’t have a clue regarding quality of life matters with a severe disability. Educate them and do not take what they say as gospel. Challenge and debate if your expectations are not being met. I search for solutions to obstacles and if they didn’t exist I created them.

Believing good things are going to take place bathes your determination with confidence. Finally, have patience. The best laid plans are often plagued with life’s detours. Instead of losing hope this is the time to double down with determination. Persistence pays big dividends.

We all possess this tremendous power to shape outcomes, but too often we surrender to negativity or unwilling to exert the effort. Take the reins and turn a negative into a positive. You do have the ability! Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

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  1. Amy says:

    Patience does pay off and you're right it is not always easy to remain positive but it is the best way to live life. Especially when you have a life altering disease, you quickly learn how precious life and love are.

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