Picking Up The Pieces

Have you ever been physically blindsided? It is eerily similar to when this mortal peregrination cheap shots us. For those inexperienced of the physical persuasion follow me…. For an instant it is surreal because of the shock of being catapulted weightlessly departing terra firma soon to be deposited in a crumpled pile of unrecognizable humanity. Everywhere hurts more than anywhere else. Demanding a significant elapse of time for wits to be gathered the receiving party requires continued recuperation and rehabilitation before reengaging.

Being told I likely would not live to thirty and realizing my dream of fatherhood a few days post diagnosis the life I knew was shattered into a million pieces.

When life delivers such a blow do not waste time and energy as I did attempting to piece together the remnants of the way it use to be. You have seen or may have tried to glue together a cherished piece of broken porcelain. It will always be a reminder of something that once was.

One must take the time to grieve. When my former wife left taking my children from my daily life I laid in bed sobbing for days certain I could not continue nor did I desire to do so. In my despair an epiphany, not moving forward was hypocritical to a lifetime of effort.

When it hits the fan it works this way for me, I get quiet and withdraw taking a pity pause. In time I get pissed, not at anyone or necessarily the situation. I become angry cause life has affected the one thing within my control, how I react. I have been there enough times that I smile when angered emotions arise, because I know I’m on the way up, determination rekindled and things are going to improve.

The times you find yourself in the valley there are opportunities to experience life unknown before. Embrace it then come out of your corner fighting! It is a certainty you will be knocked down again and again on this journey. You do possess the will and determination to rise. To know the character of an individual let them pass by and see how dirty the seat of their pants is. Thanks so much for reading. Have a magnificent weekend! dj

3 comments on “Picking Up The Pieces
  1. careysue says:

    Better than reading the morning paper!!

  2. kimmyshops says:

    David.. Very thought provoking.. which all of your post are..Spoke to my son yesterday.. he is hiking the PCT which I'm sure Carey told you.. he called and said he couldn't move..(he's in Mojave right now)Water supply way down.. said water supply maybe 2 miles away.. I think the heat was getting to him.. I said just get up and move.. 1 foot in front of the other.. I think also.. he was supposed to be getting married tomorrow.. So that might of been the source of not wanting to move..So I am excited when he gets to Lake Isabella tomorrow.. then hopefully he can meet u.. and read your stories and u will be able to view his journey through his words and his pictures..Thanks again.. and u too have a great weekendKimmy

  3. Amy says:

    The seat of my pants are definitely dirty but I haven't quit getting up yet and never will. We all valleys to climb out of, the point is that we climb!

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