Rescued Hearts

Earlier this year a half English Pointer and half Beagle was days away from being destroyed at a kill shelter when our daughter Chelsea rescued the dog. He is a beautiful broad chested black and white animal so our daughter of course named him Red. His name originates from Chelsea’s favorite character in the movie Shawshank Redemption. Red was very timid for a hunting dog pup, but not around Chelsea. The dog immediately knew and loved the young woman that saved his life.

We do have two purchased animals in the house, a Ball Python and a Guinea Pig, but the majority are rescues. The homeless dogs and cats demonstrate appreciation, loyalty and unconditional love like no other store bought animal I have been around.

Flip, our Australian Shepherd showed up at the Rex house severely abused a few days after Atlanta’s population increased from hurricane Katrina. Flip lived under my van a week and drug his butt with tail tucked for a month around humans. I was living alone at the time with caregivers taking care of me when Flip adopted the house. Even though I had never petted him and only communicated with a synthesized voice coming from a laptop the dog knew I was his benefactor. I can write a book on his unbelievable loyalty.

Midnight, our cat that was crying like a big cat in the woods a year ago, just wanted a meal and to be loved. He quickly adopted us and protected his new home from any dog that had other ideas even from the bobcat that frequents our property. Now my lap is his favorite location and often tries to protect me when Carey gets too close suctioning my lungs,

redThe original Red was a huge Golden Retriever that heeled to the side of my wheelchair twenty years ago as I went around the block and never left my side. This 130 pound dog would get between me and strangers then lean into them, if that did not halt their progress Red would ever so gently put his front legs across my chest and if that didn’t stop them his vicious growl did.

I could continue with the animal stories that would boarder on you questioning my reliability, for example Chelsea’s Red jumps up on the trampoline, squeezes through the net and jumps. Or a feral cat that has entrusted Carey to feed and pet him most mornings, but there is a lesson for all of us to learn from the hearts of rescued animals. Have a great weekend! dj

4 comments on “Rescued Hearts
  1. Lauren D'Alessandro says:

    I love your stories. Want to hear more, more, more.

  2. Lauren D'Alessandro says:

    I loved your stories and want to hear more, more, more.

  3. Chelsea says:

    They are the best!

  4. Kelley Benicoff says:

    I believe an animal’s love is one of the truest on Earth.They love us unconditionally, rich, poor, sick, well, happy or sad. Some of my best friends have been dogs. Animals know good people when see them. That’s why your pet population down on Line Creek continues to grow….(LOL)

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