Second Chances

Second chances, mulligans, do overs are rare in the game of life; mine came March 29, 1998 when I woke up around lunch time on a ventilator. I felt like a billion bucks possessing the strength of Superman. The night before surgery my wife at the time tried to change my decision to prolong life with a vent stating it was selfish and I had put the children through enough so this rebirth was especially appreciated.

At Carey’s Mayo Clinic visit she was informed she had a year to live without drastic changes. Her brain is sending out signals and releasing chemicals in an attempt to self destruct. What is this horrific diagnosis? Cancer? Huntington’s? ALS? Never in a million years would I have guessed the multiple physically manifested symptoms were caused by stress. Carey would prefer to keep specific details of this a family matter, but wants to make everyone aware of the real dangers of stress and anxiety.

People are so quick to dismiss any problem with origins between the ears. Just suck it up it’s all in your head is the unfortunate reaction many have even with themselves when difficult situations arise. Stress is corrosive and cumulative on the body. What I have witnessed in my wife is astonishing. After nearly a lifetime of her body being on high alert, due to tragic events in her life organs began shutting down. The power of the brain is limitless. Sadly the negative attributes of thought are most often on display and easiest to accept as real. After a weekend of Carey contemplating the physician’s explanation of what she was doing to her body and the necessary steps to retrain the brain’s reaction to stimuli a phenomenal metamorphosis was taking place before my eyes. A host of physical symptoms were reversing during the day. By the time we ate dinner I had my Carey back looking fifteen years younger, pain free, laughing and dancing to selections playing on the jukebox.

On Tuesday a heartless selfish ignorant attack began on me then Carey, because voyeurs were angered their window to our train wreck closed. People I would not urinate on if they were on fire sent Carey reeling back to her physical state before Mayo. Familiar emotional reactions were fully engaged by Thursday had Carey bedridden with pain..

david_carey_440-300No, my wife is not insane she is the most caring compassionate individual I have ever known. Carey gives and gives long past when the self sacrifice becomes detrimental. Fortunately my bride has learned a life saving lesson and its Carey time! Unfortunately, Carey now carries the designation of the worst self internalization of stress in Mayo history, but if you are in a stressful job, stressful relationship, not dealing with debilitating experiences in your past she can be dethroned. Even if your stress is far from extreme it is accumulating a destructive toll that will be collected if not addressed. Seize your second chance! Have a great day! dj

7 comments on “Second Chances
  1. David Jayne says:

    Mulligans, sorry auto correct

  2. Heather E. Hagen says:

    I will continue to pray for you both. You are both very special people. I wish there was something more I could do to help. God Bless you both.

  3. David…great article! Praying for the both of you. Mike

  4. Lisa Williams says:

    David and Carey,
    Thank you for putting this out there. As Carey knows this diagnosis for Carey has put me on high alert. I DO know that stress kills people however as we go on through our highly stressful jobs we don’t realize that it can happen to us. I realize this could be me. I am going to start the process of taking care of myself by reducing the stress in my life and I pray that others read this and take a look at their lives too. God Bless you, Lisa

  5. lu clark says:

    Thanks my friend for an awesome read and good information..((hugs)))!!!

  6. Teresa Greer says:

    Your words ring so true, David. Please encourage Carey to take care of herself. I pray for you both.

  7. Lauren (Laurie) Garvey says:

    Thank you David for your words of wisdom. Stress is a silent evil disease and almost took my husband’s life a few years ago. We try very hard to live a peaceful and quiet life but “it” still creeps in from time to time. Please know how your words are helping so many and that you and Carey are not alone. We want to help you both fight the good fight.
    Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way:) Laurie Garvey

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