Shake Like A Wet Dog

Friday afternoon Carey and I split a cold beer then she gave me another one hoping she would get lucky. We were sitting side by side listening to traditional country music, the music WPLO on the AM dial played when I was a child. We were enjoying each others’ company when she said, “We need more of this!”  Before I could say something stupid like, “We need more beer?” Carey said, “We don’t have much longer to live. We need to stop worrying so much and enjoy life more!”

Carey’s health combined with our neighbor’s actions that shut down The Hitching Post has created a stressful environment. That is the last thing we need especially Carey.

I suspect what motivated Carey to express her proclamation occurred earlier in the day when a lady rang the doorbell delivering a Mother’s Day arrangement of flowers. The floral shop employee was gushing with compliments regarding the beauty of our place. She concluded her tirade of kudos with something that struck Carey between the eyes, as if the brief visitor peered into my wife’s heart, “You need to enjoy life here.”  The woman hit the nail square on the head.

Fort Fido Doggie Daycare

Fort Fido Doggie Daycare

I have always been envious of a dog’s ability to shake when wet. A dog can move every square inch of its skin in an effort to remove excess water. If you have ever had the experience of standing beside a wet dog you’re aware how incredibly proficient this exercise is. I have always encouraged my children to shake it off like a wet dog when life has thrown them a curve; on occasion the encouragement has been literal. It seems the appropriate time to practice what I preach.

If you stop by for a visit rest assured necessities have been addressed and we will be enjoying life here. If you’re anal about anything please know we are not interested. If you have time, pull up a chair and grill yourself a tube steak at the fire pit then cut a rug with your honey to a favorite tune in the barn. Have a great day! dj

fire pitbarn finished

3 comments on “Shake Like A Wet Dog
  1. Kelley Benicoff says:

    Great post!! I must agree with the floral delivery lady. The outside of your home is beautiful, filled with peace and serenity. The love that you guys share and show on the inside of your home is even more tranquil. We all need to enjoy life and spend our time wisely instead of worrying. Its strange how one small comment can help situations. Kind of like the comment you made to me this past week when I got all upset over a mistake. You said “Its just water nothing to worry over.” Keep the music playing, smiles coming and the post fresh on your blog. Very enjoyable……Tell Carey I said Happy Mothers Day!!!

  2. Lisa Williams says:

    Love this post! You are a amazing writer David! Newnan Times Herald needs you to write for them. I promise I will talk to someone this week about it! Love ya bunches!

  3. Debbi Howard says:

    Great post, David. Enjoy your day with your beloved.

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