Simple Pleasures

Living out in the country is a lifelong dream realized. Tromping through the woods memorizing every deer trail, fox den, turkey roost and hog wallow is an enormous tease, but severely limited by a wheelchair designed for civilized surfaces. I have had my citified chair in some places that would impress the manufacturer. It is true the chair has been in some rugged terrain, but rarely exits without being dug out, pushed out or towed out.

extreme_x8The solution is a four wheel drive wheelchair. Of course insurance does not cover such an expense. There are four wheel drive wheelchairs that are mass produced, but a chair appropriately equipped to meet my disability requirements would have a price tag exceeding $20,000. So, a chair able to tame the terrain of our property remains a wish as improbable as our lottery hope.

Not deterred from hoping and dreaming following a day getting stuck multiple times Saturday I began searching that night for someone to pimp my chair. I was not hopeful thinking with this sue for anything society no one would be willing to risk the liability. After an hour of multiple Google text searches my hunch was fulfilled. Determined not to give up Youtube came to mind as a search tool. I opened Youtube and typed in 4WD wheelchairs and the page filled with related videos. I watched several when I noticed a wheelchair that looked more like a monster truck in the suggestions at the conclusion of a video. I thought WOW that’s exactly what I need! I clicked on it and a black screen appeared as Aerosmith’s Dream On played, I thought how appropriate. Then on screen appeared Bingo!

Hell on wheelsI watched the video of a kid driving over a hay bale, logs and going down stairs in a wheelchair! I typed the address in the browser and enjoyed the butterflies in my stomach as the page loaded. It was Christmas on Line Creek in August as I read about Dave Heim and his company. Long story short Dave will take the electronics and seating system on my chair, the two most expensive components of a wheelchair, then install them on a chain driven four wheel drive chassis for a small fraction of the cost. An expense a disabled individual can afford.

beachI emailed Dave at midnight Saturday night so anxious to discover the cost and if my chair was a candidate. Dave responded Sunday afternoon and it’s a go! I feel like a child on Christmas Eve filled with the anticipation of traveling through the woods and across sugar sand beaches again, activities not experienced in nearly a quarter century. Simple, but soul restoring pleasures. Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

8 comments on “Simple Pleasures
  1. Lisa says:

    How cool is that!!!!! I am excited for you David! I want to come see it when completed. Love you all, Lisa

  2. Chelsea says:

    Yay!!!!! That’s gonna be so badass!!!!

  3. Fran says:

    That is fantastic…so happy for you David!

  4. Dollie Walls says:

    Way to go, David. So excited for you. You’ll have to post pics when you get it all done.

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